Best Electric Tea Kettles & Pots

Best Electric Tea KettleElectric kettles have been there for a while now and not every individual makes the best choice when buying one or several for their own use.

Below is a detailed highlight of top 10 best electric kettles & pots based on consumer reviews.

Read on to enable you make the best choice whenever you want to buy an electric kettle for making your tea or coffee.


T-fal BF6138US Balanced Living 1-Liter 1750-Watt Electric Mini

T-fal BF6138US Balanced Living 1-Liter 1750-Watt Electric Mini is a 1 liter electric tea kettle & pot that measures 9.5×7.7×7.7 inches and weighs only 1 pound. It’s made of shiny black plastic body and it’s divided into two parts, a lightweight plastic base with a cord wrap underneath and then a kettle which sits on the base.

It’s a 120V, 150 watt pelectric tea kettle & pot with a concealed heating element. It only takes 90 seconds to prepare a cup of coffee or tea due to when using it. It has a variable temperature control used to vary the temperature of the liquid i.e low for white tea, medium for green tea and then boiling for black tea.

It also has an automatic shut off feature that shuts off when the set temperature is reached. Other features that make it stand out are 3600 degree rotating base for easy serving and a removable anti scale filter for removing impurities from water.

Hamilton Beach 40870 Stainless Steel 10-Cup Electric Kettle

This is an electric tea kettle & pot that has the ability to hold and boil 10 cups of water at ago. It measures 9.9×8.5×9.6 inches and weighs 3.2 pounds. It’s a 1500 watt power kettle that heat up any liquid be it hot water, tea or chocolate in a few minutes.

In addition, it has a water level window where you can easily monitor the amount of water you need for boiling, an auto shut off feature that turns it off when the boiling liquid falls below the minimum level, a 3600 degree rotating base for easy serving and a drip-free spout that makes serving quite a cool exercise.

Melitta 40994 1.7-Liter Best Electric Tea Kettle

This is a premium stainless steel electric tea kettle & pot measuring 7.9×9.1×10.2 inches and weighing 3.2 pounds. It’s specifically designed for boiling of water within a few minutes. All thanks to its 1500 watts power. It has a push button lid that opens very gently each time you want to refill.

It also has a dual water windows for viewing the water level, a cord free serving that makes serving unforgettable experience and lastly an automatic shut off feature that protect the kettle from boiling dry.

Ovente KP72G Cordless Electric Kettle, 1.7-Liter, Green

This is also another top class electric tea kettle with a 1.7 L holding capacity and 1100 watt power for heating water and other liquids for approximate 4 minutes at maximum. It measures 9.4×6.7×9.9 inches and uses even less energy than stovetop kettles.

It has a water level gauge for the user to view the level of water they want to boil, an automatic shut off feature than ensure dry boil protection, a 3600 degree level rotary power base for cordless filling and serving and a concealed water heating element that ensures there is no build up of mineral deposits.

Lastly, the kettle is easy to handle.


This is a red stainless steel electric tea kettle with a 1.7L capacity and 100 watt of power. It’s very economical in terms of electricity consumption compared to stovetop kettle.

In terms of features, it has an automatic shut off feature that switches off automatically the water dries out, a 3600 degree rotary base for cordless serving and filling, a clear water level damage for viewing the amount of water set for boiling as well as a concealed heating element which is essential in clearing any mineral build up deposits.

Capresso 259 H2O Plus Glass Water Kettle, Polished

This is a cordless water kettle with silver matte finish lid that measures 6.5×8.2×10 inches and weighs approximately 3 pounds. It has a slip free textured handle to ensure a very safe grip.

It comes with a 1year warranty period from the manufacturer which is a plus to users. When it comes to features, the kettle has an auto shut off feature upon boiling, a cordless 3600 degree swivel base for quick and convenient serving and filling of water and a concealed heating element.

Proctor -Silex 1 Liter Electric Kettle

This is another type of electric bottle measuring 9.2×7.3×9.2 inches and weighs approximately 1.7 pounds.

They are very easy to use and in terms of heating water, it only takes a few minutes for the water to boil. In order to ensure that it’s very efficient, it has a detachable cord for easy serving and pouring, 1000 watt heating element for faster heating, an automatic shut off feature that shuts the kettle off after the water is boiled and dual water windows for viewing the level of water in the kettle.

Breville SK500XL Ikon Cordless 1.7-Liter Stainless-Steel Electric Kettle

This is a 1.7 liter capacity electric tea pot with 8x11x10 inches s dimension and weighs 1 pound. It heats water faster such that a 1.5L of water boils after 4 minutes. One of the things that make it stand out is comfort when handling it.

The handle is made in a comfortable size and properly insulated. The lid too is feels comfortable when opening. It’s also very safe and all thanks to the auto shut off feature that shuts off immediately the water boils. In addition, it also has a removable scale filter that removes all the dirt in the water.

Ovente KG83 Series 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle (Black)

This is a 1.5L cordless electric kettle with 120V and 1100 watt power and is said to be 85% more efficient than kettle stove in terms of power consumption.

Its features such as automatic shut off feature, secure locking lid and power indicator light and a cool touch button ensure safety of the user.

It also has a 3600 degrees rotary base that makes it easy when serving and filling.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this amazing electric tea kettle. It measures 8.2×9.8×12 inches and is very light (1 pound). It has exceptional features that make it very unique from all other models.

It has a 2 minutes memory feature that lets you leave the kettle for 2 minutes without it going on a standby mode, a keep warm mode feature that maintains your selected temperature for 30 minutes, 6 preset temperature settings that allow for steeping tea at the right temperature depending on type for instance 160 degrees F for delicate tea all the way to boil for black tea.

In addition, it also has sleep mode, auto shut off feature, 3600 degree swivel cordless connector and a blue back lit water window.


The above top rated electric tea kettles were ranked in that order after 46,740 reviews were scanned. They all have amazing features and that’s why they feature in our list. As a user, you have the power in your hands to decide the one that completely fits all your needs.

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