Best Pocket Knife

Best Pocket KnivesWhether you use your knife for recreational use or are an avid hunter, choosing the best pocket knife is important.

With so many different pocket knives in the market, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which knife has all the features you need.

Take advantage of the work being done for you in this comprehensive list of the top 10 best pocket knives before making your next purchase.


Combat Search and Rescue Tool Buck Tops

This knife was developed for individuals whose job it is to protect and serve this country. Buck is synonymous with quality, and their latest knife is the Combat Search and Rescue Tool, a unique blending of two talented knife manufactures that will easily become your favorite knife in your collection.

This affordable knife has a liner lock folding blade that comes with tougher G10 handles.

The 3 1/2&Prime blade is made of ATS stainless steel and very functional in various situations.

M16-CRKT Pocket Knife

The most popular knife in the Kit Carson line is the M16, and the perfect size pocket knife that will be able to withstand the harsh use of any job description.

Regardless if the knife is dropped on the payment or falls into the creek, the aluminum design easily will withstand any abuse and not break. The 3&Prime blade is protected by the coated handle made of textured Zytel.

This knife has a razor sharp edge that makes it ideal for any carving or cutting tasks. The knife can be opened and closed with one hand, making it the preferred choice for hunters who need quick access to their blades.

Bench Made Pocket Survival Knife

The Bench Made pocket knife has a impressive blade length of over 3 1/2&Prime and is almost 5 inches in length when open.

The handle is manufactured from superior components, allowing it to withstand significant abuse. The pocket clip on the knife is reversible, allowing you to place it anywhere that you feel comfortable.

This lightweight pocket knife can withstand abuse, but is ready to easily slice or dice whatever you are currently working on.

Cold Steel 1 Recon Best Pocket Knife

When it comes to raising the bar in the pocket knife industry, you can be sure when Cold Steel releases a product that their loyal followers quickly take notice. If you have not been exposed to this line yet, then try your hand at the Cold Steel 1 Recon.

This knife is indestructible, engineered to make it as versatile as possible for any user. The imported Japanese stainless steel blade is artfully contoured and has a superior non-slip grip.

The entire knife has been designed and held together using only high strength fasteners, and complemented with a tough black finish. This blade resists rust, eliminates glare, and has less friction when cutting through any material.

Kershaw Blur Pocket Foldable Knife

The entire knife is constructed using high quality steel that will resist corrosion and has added strength. The serrated blade in an impressive 3 3/8&Prime and ideal for any situation.

The lightweight handle allows the user to carry the knife and push the manual button quickly and effortlessly. The torsion bar within the handle helps to keep the blade in the closed position, preventing it from accidentally being opened.

Once the blade is opened, it quickly locks into position and is ready for use.

Ontario XM2TS Pocket Knife

Looking for a pocket knife that is lightweight and slim design, the Ontario XM2TS is the answer. Similar construction to what you would expect to find on a tactical knife., this ultra light knife has precision balance and a stainless steel blade with aluminum handle.

The overall length of the knife is an impressive 8 inches, with a 3 3/8&Prime blade.

Considered the perfect blade for hunters who do not want to feel weighted down with their equipment, once opened it will easily cut through the toughest of materials and snap back to closed position easily.

Trapper Case Cutlery Pocket Folding Knife

Complete with the black handle that is synonymous with the Trapper Case Cutlery, this pocket knife has a surgical stainless steel blade that measures only 4 1/8&Prime when closed.

Comfortable enough to slip into your pants pocket and not cause discomfort, the knife is quite large enough to handle any size job.

This American made pocket knife is hand crafted by skilled workers in Pennsylvania, utilizing the highest grade components that is popular with a knife enthusiast and sportsmen alike. This style knife was carried by astronauts on many space missions, and considered a trusted companion for hunters around the globe.

275-BKSN Benchmade Folding Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a word-class cutting device, the 275-BKSN Benchmade is a piece of cutlery you need to add to your collection.

This manufacturer strives to produce knifes that are a combination of high quality materials and superior cutting performance.

If you need to make a quick cut in a situation, you can rely on this blade to get the job done efficiently.

Aegis SOG Pocket Foldable Knife

Here is an easy to operate pocket knife that can stand up to even the most challenging uses. The Aegis SOG pocket knife has superior locking capability and top end opening functionality, combined with a superior hard-case to protect the partially serrated folding blade.

This knife has the ability to make very short work of any cutting or piercing work, and once you begin to open the blade the high tension coil springs the blade into action.

Equipped with a reversible pocket clip, this knife is an impressive 8 1/4&Prime when opened. Popular with the military and law enforcement, the Aegis SOG is a knife that will easily handle any job you give it, even in the most adverse of conditions.

Delica 4 Spyderco Pocket Folding Knife

If you simply want one of the best selling knives of all time, purchase the Delica 4 Spyderco.

They come in a variety of different colored handles, and complete with a full flat blade. The blade handle comes with a fine textured non-slip material for using the knife in the most challenging of conditions.

The knife is strengthened with stainless steel liners that do not add weight to the knife, but double as a stabilizing system for the Delica 4 Spyderco.

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