Full Live Coverage from the 2011 NBA Draft

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By Ryan Feldman

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Earlier this week, it was reported that Kemba Walker would be working out against Jimmer Fredette in Sacramento for the Kings next week.

That workout will be Thursday, June 9, a source told TheHoopsReport.com.

But there's only one problem: Kemba Walker won't be there.

Walker has pulled out of his scheduled Kings workout against Fredette, a source told TheHoopsReport.com.

The workout will still go on as planned on Thursday with Fredette and a group of other players.

Walker just completed his first draft workout with the Charlotte Bobcats on Friday. He went head-to-head with Shelvin Mack, and according to sources both players were very impressive.

According to a source, the Bobcats really like Walker. But the problem is that they also really like their current point guard, DJ Augustin. They would certainly consider Walker at No. 9 if he was available, but they would also strongly consider passing him up. The Bobcats have a lot of needs, and point guard is the one position they're actually happy with, according to a source.

Even if the Bobcats gave Walker a promise, there would be no reason for him to cancel a workout with the Kings, who draft higher than Charlotte at No. 7.

And it would be unlikely that Walker got a promise from a team drafting before the Kings between the Bobcats workout (Friday) and now (one day later).

A source confirmed to TheHoopsReport.com that Walker is not injured, so that is not why he cancelled the workout with the Kings.

The only other reason Kemba (and his agent Jeff Schwartz) may have cancelled the Kings workout is because they'd rather not have him go head-to-head against Jimmer, who is widely expected to be drafted after Kemba. If Walker were to outplay Fredette, it wouldn't change anything. But if Fredette were to clearly outplay Walker, then it would make the Kings lean towards taking Fredette at No. 7 and passing on Walker. Then, if the Bobcats were to also pass on Walker, he could really slide further than expected.

As it stands now, Walker's floor is likely the Bobcats at No. 9 with a slight chance he slides past them, and the Kings would likely take Walker at No. 7 if Brandon Knight and Kawhi Leonard were off the board (and maybe even if one or both of them were still on the board). Why take a chance of changing that?

This is all speculation, but what we do know is that Kemba Walker cancelled his workout against Jimmer Fredette next Thursday with the Sacramento Kings.

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