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Weber 10020 Smokey Joe GrillsGas Grill Review

Weber 10020 Smokey Joe GrillsGas Grill ReviewThis is our 2nd pick and the only real reason it is not first is simply because one grill had to come second. Of course if you are looking for something more authentic you might be better with the Colman Roadtrip Grill.First let us have a look at the features of the Weber Smokey Joe Grills:

  • The Weber Smokey Joe charcoal grill is an ideal portable grill for cookouts, tailgate parties, and car camping
  • The glass reinforced nylon handle allows you to easily remove the lid as needed
  • The cooking grate measures 14-1/2-inch diameter and is triple nickel-plated
  • The porcelain enamelled coating prevents rust and fading
  • 10-year limited warranty

This grill is perfect for cookouts, tailgate parties and car camping. In fact this is a classic traveling grill and will give you a 14 ½ inch diameter grate so although it is not huge it will cook three steaks at a time and twice as many burgers. Perfect for a small family or get together.

Another nice little feature with the Weber Smokey Joe Grills is that you get a 31 page owners guide that will give you recipes to try out and cooking tips to get the most from your new grill.

You will find something for everyone in the book from pork chops to Cornish hens.

Weber of course is a quality name and this “go anywhere” grill does not disappoint!


The Weber Smokey Joe Grill is awesome if you are looking for a portable grill that will give you adequate cooking space and that is easy to set up. It will last for ages, there are reviews that we have seen where the grill has been kept outside for 15 years and it still looks like brand new.

In regards to cooking you will not need a huge amount of coal and it will cook well for a small group with ease.

One thing that you might want to note is that although it is a portable grill it has no carry handle or way to seal it up. Also once you have used it there is nothing you can do with the hot coals.

These are just two little niggling points but they can be addressed by being careful and making sure that you don’t need to go anywhere immediately after cooking with the grill.

We would say if you are having a small get together and you are looking for a grill that cooks well, does the job and is expensive to run as you only need coal then you have found your grill.

You will also be able to use this grill for years and years to come.

Another HUGE plus point with this grill is that you can pick it up for JUST $29.99. If this sounds cheap – it is!

Though this is a portable grill, it is terrific for at home use if you’re single, or have a small balcony apartment. It takes very little space, and is easy to manoeuvre when cleaning time comes.

I’ve used this gem for years. My apartments, on the whole, mandated the simplicity and efficiency offered up by the Smokey Joe.

A great feature is the rounded top. This enables better smoking, as air and smoke circulates more fluidly.

The downsides:

The legs aren’t as sturdy as they could be. Given time, a bit of bumping around and general abuse, and the screwed on legs might turn askew. If you notice this while the grill is hot, you’ve a problem. The solution is to keep them tight during non-use.

The air intake at the bottom gets clogged with ashes. A key to good charcoal grilling is the manipulation of air flow. The intake might be open, but stopped up. If you are diligent to clean the ahes, you’ll be OK.

Because the grill is so close to the ground, you need to be careful. Unlike most of Weber’s grill, this one os also apt to getting kicked over, run into by dogs, cars and children.

I’ve had one of these little Smokey Joes for probably 15 years now. It definitely has some strong points, but also a few drawbacks.


  • 1. Durable. Mine’s been outdoors in the weather for 15 years now. When I give it a good cleaning, it looks almost new.
  • 2. Cooks well. I’ve grilled steaks, burgers, dogs, etc. It does a nice job on them all. And it doesn’t use a whole lot of coal to do it. I’ve got a 22 1/2 weber too, but sometimes when cooking for only 2 of us, I use the smokey joe to save on coals.
  • 3. It’s small and does a nice job in a small space like apartment porch or patio.


1. It’s inconvenient as a Portable grill when traveling. It’s got no carry handle or way to seal it up. Also, once you’ve grilled and need to go, there’s nothing to do with the hot coals. You’ve got to seal all the vents and wait for them to be extinguished. Even then I’d be nervous about dumping them out or putting the grill in my trunk.

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