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Waring WKS800 Knife Sharpener

nuhhThere are plenty of knife sharpeners out there. Some of them are excellent, others leave your knives duller than they started. Finding a decent knife sharpener can take time, patience and a lot of your money.

However this Waring WKS800 knife sharpener certainly does the trick. What puts a lot of people off is the price – for the money, you could buy several “lesser” brands. So, for the high cost of the hardware, are you getting something worth your money?


Coming with a three-station knife sharpening tool kit, as well as two grinding wheels and a stropping wheel, you can sharpen and polish until the end of your days with this. It’s a solid, quick and impressive tool for that. The stropping wheel will turn in the reverse direction, too, which helps get that final little bit of perfection added to the blade.

The Waring WKS800 comes with a magnetized drawer underneath the grinding wheel, this captures all the little shavings that could become an issue for you later on down the line. Not only does this speed up cleaning, but it helps keep debris away from your face which is very important.

It’s quite a small sharpener, too, meaning that you can easily use it at home or take it with you on trips or into work if you require it. This Waring knife sharpener also cuts at the optimum angles of 18 to 22 degrees (read our knife angle sharpening guidehere), which is hard to find in a knife sharpener.


Now, while the Waring WKS800 has all of the power and features in the world to make it an outstanding knife sharpener, its performance almost gets in the way. For one, it’s quite difficult to get the knives sharpened all of the way down to the handle of the knife, especially if the blade is the same width as the handle or thinner. This has been noted in more than one place in the past and unfortunately it’s one of the downsides of this solid piece of equipment.

Other than that, though, and it’s a strong and sturdy piece of equipment that can do the shaving you need in a quick enough time. Just make sure you spend time practicing with lesser knife sets, you don’t want to take and risks and leave yourself with a husk of a former knife!

In Conclusion

This makes the ideal gift for anybody who regularly uses knives, but its performance issues with smaller and thinner knives may put off collectors. As a work and a hobbyist’s tool, it’s the perfect solution to getting your knives lightsaber sharp – just don’t expect it to work well with the thinnest of blades.

Waring (WKS800) Commercial Three-Station Knife Sharpener
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Waring (WKS800) Commercial Three-Station Knife Sharpener
  • Commercial three-station knife sharpener with two grinding wheels and one stropping wheel that provides maximum sharpness and polish
  • Stropping wheel operates in reverse direction for more efficient removal of burrs and polishing of the blade
  • Featured with magnetized drawer under grinding wheel which captures metal shavings and makes cleanup easier than ever
  • Includes compact footprint that makes it easy to use and store
  • Grinds at 18 degree to 22 degree angles which are optimum angles

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