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Vitamix Blenders

vm-pro-seriesVitamix is introducing the new Vitamix Turboblend, which comes with many features including variable speed control, which redefines speed control in blenders to better conform to your cooking techniques. The Vitamix blender models also come in Elegant Black and a crystal gloss finishes among others. Vitamix also offers clear-cut stainless steel blades and a single piece blade assembly.

The Vitamix blender models also come complete with a 7-year performance warranty, which far exceeds the average industry standards.

Also included in some Vitamix packages is a cookbook complete with over 200 raw, vegan and vegetarian recipes and an equivalent DVD recipe instruction video.

In addition to these features, Vitamix produces top standard quality blender, such as the Vitamix 5200 (also the Vitamix CIA Professional model), blenders for smoothies, which have seen tremendous interest in the market, gaining positive reviews for the functionality and high standards.

Vitamix reviews come in favor of the 7 year warranty, which guarantees that every machine gets professional workmanship for at least seven years after purchase, making it work as new. This goes a long way in building trust in the Vitamix product and the company as well.

Vitamix Quality

The quality exhibited in the Vitamix products speaks for itself. All the Vitamix products designed here are meant to last and out perform normal kitchen appliances, and quality is the core value that supports the great workmanship, ensuring you get not only a good product, but the best you could ever find in the market today.

Vitamix Customer Support

The relationship a business has with its customers is the most essential aspect in growth and trust. The customers at Vitamix have always shown tremendous support and loyalty for the products and the company itself.

Blenders always have been and always will be an essential part of any kitchen, and Vitamix blenders display the important aspects of a blender by creating Vitamix blenders that cater to all the needs of cooks and amateur cooks out there. It is simple yet complex designs and additional features that give Vitamix blenders a distinctive quality and clientele.

The Vitamix blenders come in all forms and sizes depending on your unique requirements, and they all offer the same quality standards shown in the Turbo Blend and the 5200, basically all of the Vitamix products here come with guaranteed quality and the opportunity to cut down on costs relating to repairs on broken kitchen appliances. Anyone shopping around to fill up their new kitchen need not look any further. The Vitamix products here are top notch, just check the reviews.

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