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Vinotemp VT-18TEDS Wine Cooler Review

Who doesn’t love wine? It gives you a light-headed feeling, perfect for drinking after work and it’s healthy for your heart. Wine can be drank with friends, family and that special someone. Meeting a person who doesn’t like wine is very rare. The bottom line is: everyone loves wine.

The only thing better than wine is serving it chilled. Chilled wine is very good and is perfect to drink with your favourite dish. Wine aficionados usually invest a lot in wine; some of them even have their own wine cellar. If you love wine but not to the extent that you would dedicate an entire room just to serve as a wine cellar, then the Vinotemp VT-18TEDS is the perfect appliance for you.

The Vinotemp VT-18TEDS is an 18 bottle wine cooler that is only 19.75 inches in height, making it perfect for your bedroom or even on top of your kitchen counter. It keeps your wine chilled at the perfect temperature. You don’t have to worry about constantly keeping your refrigerator at a particular temperature just to accommodate your wine; now, you can chill them on their own cooler and achieve the perfect temperature.

The Vinotemp VT-18TEDS comes equipped with dual-paned glass windows to serve as added insulation, protecting your wine from outside forces like vibrations and UV rays. The use of this technology can significantly lessen your electricity consumption, helping you save a lot when your electric bills arrive.

The overall design of the Vinotemp VT-18TEDS is very classy, as it features black cabinets and a stainless steel frame. It also comes equipped with wire shelves that offer great support for your wine bottles. This cooler uses thermo-electric technology for cooling, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases that some coolers emit.

If you want a wine cooler that does not require so much space and comes with a very classy design, then the Vinotemp VT-18TEDS is the perfect cooler for you. It does not take up so much space and you can basically place it anywhere you feel like. You can enjoy relaxing after work or make your homemade dinners much more special with your perfectly chilled wine. This cooler is perfect for red wine as it gives it the kind of temperature that makes it desirable for everyone to drink.

It has been a proven fact that drinking at least one glass of red wine everyday can make your heart healthier and function better. With the Vinotemp VT-18TEDS, you would definitely want to make drinking wine a daily habit, but in moderation, of course.

Vinotemp VT-18TEDS Thermo-Electric Digital 18-Bottle Wine Chiller, Black and Stainless
81 Reviews
Vinotemp VT-18TEDS Thermo-Electric Digital 18-Bottle Wine Chiller, Black and Stainless
  • Attractive freestanding cellar with dual-paned glass door and stainless steel trim; Thermoelectric cooling system
  • Sturdy pull-out chrome shelf racking for individual bottle storage; Interior blue light
  • Ultra-quiet, energy-efficient operation; Digital temperature display
  • Easy push button controls; Optimal ambient room temperature 77°F
  • Temperature range: 54°-66°F; Approx. Bottle Capacity: 18

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