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Upro Golf GPS Review: Why Is It So Popular?

Upro Golf GPS ReviewThe Pro mode offers a video flyover that would let the user see the layout of the hole from an aerial view. You can see 100, 150, up to 200 yard marks. It can also provide you with accurate measurements to and from any point on the golf course.

Every game that has a competitive side is constantly evolving to include new aspects and tools. One fairly recent development for golfers has been the introduction of golf GPS devices. These devices measure the distance to the hole for you so you don’t have to walk out the distance or make an estimate. This is a particularly valuable tool for those who play a good game but need to shave off a few precious strokes to really play to their full potential. There are many options on the market today, from a simple device that only displays numbers to one that will display a green with all of the contours and hills. Let’s take a look at just one of the options, the Callaway uPro Golf GPS.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Golf GPS

There are many different aspects to consider when purchasing a golf GPS device. Knowing which aspects are the most important to you is the first step to picking a device that will successfully fulfill your personal needs as a golfer. Here are some of the aspects to consider when looking for a golf GPS device.


The Callaway uPro remains a favorite with golfers despite the fact that it has been replaced by the Callaway uPro MX. This device is four inches tall, two inches wide and just .65 inches in depth, making it the thinnest golf GPS device available on the market today. It weighs an incredibly light 3.2 ounces. We can’t find another device this light on the market. The comparable Garmin option is twice as heavy and twice as thick. It’s so thin and lightweight you might even forget it’s in your pocket. It has a 2.2 inch screen that is transreflective, making it easily visible in all weather conditions. The screen is 320 by 240 pixels. The device is controlled with buttons. There are four directional buttons, two soft buttons below the screen and a central control button.

Information Displayed

The Callaway uPro provides two different view modes. The first is basic mode, which includes two separate views. Green View is a simple view that lets you see the front, center and back distances to the green. The Target View provides a list of hazards and a picture of each type of target. The Callaway uPro offers the distance to the target and the distance to clear the target, which is a feature that is not displayed with other golf GPS models. Users love the dual information system.

The Callaway uPro also comes with ProMode for an additional fee, which provides the user with full maps of each hole in vivid detail and the latest flyover satellite imaging. This mode automatically employs SmartView, which takes the user to the part of the satellite image the user needs the most. However, this view can be overridden and the entire hole viewed at different zoom levels. Dots indicating hazards and other targets are included. This view is truly spectacular and allows the user a huge amount of viewing freedom.

Battery Life

The Callaway uPro uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is estimated to last up to 12 hours before a recharge is needed. Users reported, however, that to be safe you should recharge after every two rounds or so to ensure a full charge before heading out to the club. The one downside is that, unless you buy an extra battery, you’re pretty much out of luck if you run out of charge while in the middle of a game.

Additional Features

This slim device is packed full of additional features that will have you itching for the weekend. In addition to the various view options, the device features an introductory flyover of the hole, just like the ones shown on professional golf tours on television. You can set the device to automatically follow your progress from hole to hole. Measure the distance from anywhere with the AnyPoint feature. Store up to 50 courses at a time and choose from over 18,000 different options. The one fairly obvious feature this device lacks is a digital scorecard. There are no membership fees, but a fee per course is required if you want to access the ProMode viewing format.

Pros Of The Callaway uPro

  •   Extremely light
  •   Very thin
  •   Amazing flyover satellite images
  •   Measurements to a huge array of targets
  •   Shot measurement
  •   AnyPoint measurement Cons Of The Callaway uPro
  •   No score tracker
  •   Discontinued model
  •   No preloaded courses
  •   Upgrade fee

What Customers Have To Say

It seems like the Upro Golf GPS is really a swell device. And we now want to know what the other customers had to think about it. Go right ahead and read it. You will be impressed.

“I have been using the Upro Golf GPS for about 3 months and it’s a great product!! Installation was very easy and the online manual quite helpful, the neatest feature is the ability to get a yardage number to any point and then onto the green. You get the yardage to the middle of the fairway and also to the pin. Lets you plan what club to use. this is super helpful. this actually performs as advertised.” – Lorelyn P.

“I got the Upro a couple of weeks ago, grabbed my laptop running windows XP, and was off and running. I found my home course that wasn’t mapped yet and requested it. 4 business days later I had my course mapped, just like Upro promises. This thing is awesome. It is very accurate with yardage and with hazards. It is very simple to navigate thru the different screens on the Upro, pro mode vs basic mode. As one reviewer said no manual, but really no big deal, just go to Upro’s website and download the pdf manual to you computer. Bottomline, great gps device,happy with my purchase,and will recommend it.” – S. Simington

Since the Callaway uPro has been discontinued, it has become rather difficult to find it, especially in new condition. One used version was found on Amazon for $99.99. The price for a refurbished model was $149.00. While this is a great price for the product, it is important to remember that used models usually will not include any kind of warranty and may not even include much in the way of customer service.

What’s In The Box?

  • Callaway uPro Golf GPS
  • USB Cable
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Wall Charger
  • Headphones
  • Quick Start Guide
  • One Free ProMode course credit

The Bottom Line

The most striking difference between the Callaway uPro and the Callaway uPro MX is that the Callaway uPro is loved by many users for its wide array of features and overall performance, while the Callaway uPro MX is loathed because of technical issues. It’s difficult to find a good review of the Callaway uPro MX because of all the bugs and glitches. As a result, we would highly recommend purchasing even a used Callaway uPro over a new Callaway uPro MX.

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