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Types of Pots and Pans Guide

cookware-collage1With so many types of pots and pans to choose, it is really a confusing to tell those cookwares from each other. Each cook wants to get his best cookware for it is a long-time investment. With the suitable cookware, you can flavor your food. Pot and pans are the important pieces of the cookware set. With the suitable ones, cooking could be fun and easy enjoyment. So, in this post, I want to help you make your best choice of pots and pans.

The different uses of pots and pans

Fry Pan

  • ?Fry pan is a pan with flat bottom and long handle. Its sides are low so as to improve the circulation of the air and turn the food easily.
  • Pros: frying, searing and browing
  • Tips: You’d better to have a fry pan with a nonstick surface which is good for cooking eggs and also a fry pan with stainless steel surface? for high temperature uses.
  • Products: cast iron skillet

Dutch Oven

  • Dutch oven is a big pot with a suitable lid. Its sides are vertical and shorter than the pot’s diameter. There are also two handles to carry the pot.
  • Pros:? long and slow cooking
  • Tips: You’d better have an optional dutch oven for you may wait a long time when one is under using.
  • Products: ?Lodge Logic Dutch Oven


  • Saucepan is heavy pan with a flat bottom, tall vertical sides and a long stick handle and helper handle
  • Pros: cooking with some liquid
  • Products: ?Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Sauce Pans

Saute Pan

  • Saute pan is a pan featured for its wide base. The difference from the sauce pan is that it is much lower.
  • Pros: Speed cooking that needs shake, toss and stir
  • Products: ?Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Saute Pan


  • Multipot is a tall pot used for cooking food in water.
  • Pro?s: the larger piece is best for pasta and corn; while the smaller piece is best for steaming vegetables.
  • Products: ?Cuisinart Pasta/Steamer Set


  • Roaster is a big rectangular pan designed to have low sides which can make heat spread evenly and quickly.
  • Pros: Cooking at high temperature under dry heat condition


  • Griddle is a wide and flat pan which is covered with nonstick surface.
  • Pros: pancakes, steaks, grilled cheese and so on
  • Products: ?Presto Electric Griddle

Grill Pan

  • Grill pan is a pan can resemble the grates with the low-side design to encourage air circulation.
  • Pros: grilling and searing
  • Products: ?Lodge Grill Pan

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