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Types of Microwave Ovens

Types of Microwave OvensOne of the most important tools in the kitchen, the microwave, can be called a personal cook. Why am I saying? You put the raw material in the microwave, shut the door, set the alarm and after a particular time you get the delicious food, exactly as you want. Look at your efforts putting raw material in the microwave and set the timer, if it is anywhere close to making traditional food. Traditionally people used to spend hour on preparation of food, sometimes even morning to evening. Hence, this it is not wrong to call it, a personal cook. Now how many types of personal cook or microwaves we have, many of you thinking why I am asking this question. Because in case you want the best microwave, first you should know about various options.

Countertop microwave oven

Countertop is recommended to those who have enough space in their kitchen, since they are big in size and shape, they covered a big area in your kitchen. Countertops are one of the easiest microwaves to operate, you simply need to plug into the electrical board and it is ready to use. Once you plug in it ready to be used. They are pocket friendly and use very little space

Convection microwave oven

These microwaves are a combination of traditional microwave and heat energy that will help you in brown, grill and roast your food. Convection microwaves customized with heating element so it also contain a fan in it, to make easier for hot air movement. These customized things, heating element and fan, are very creatively placed in a microwave, it not only saves energy but also maintain cooking temperature that provide enough temperature for cooking. Thus, we can eat tasty and well cooked food.

Over the range microwave

In case you have a small kitchen with not enough space in worktop then you can opt for an over the range microwave. It doesn’t need valuable space in your kitchen, Since they don’t hold much space but it requires a professional to set the microwave oven, who will charge a decent amount. Over the range microwave have amazing features and hence you need to pay a truck load of money. That’s the rule of economy, you buy big & you pay big.

Combination microwave oven

A similar thing between combination microwave and convection microwave is that they both heat the food in same way. Since they are generally smaller in size when compare to other microwaves but they are capable of heating food many times faster. The unique feature of this type of microwave is that it provides facility to switch heating modes. They can be a great option for a small family because of size, features and cost of the microwave.

Commercial Microwave

Unlike other microwaves, commercial microwaves are designed for commercial use such as in restaurant, hotel, catering trades or in office. Since they are invented for commercial use that means they require serving hundreds of people at a time thus they are designed with extraordinary ability for big purposes. If you are thinking to buy commercial microwave, remember you can only buy them in bulk, single commodity is not for sale. Manufacturers also take care of security and they offer anti-theft feature with every commercial microwave.

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