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Twin Cosmo Stroller Review

Double strollers serve perfectly to your purpose of taking two babies at the same time. If you are having twin or babies that are within 5 year, and concerned on taking both of them on walk, then you surely are going to opt for double stroller with no doubt.

From the time thought of purchasing a double stroller comes to your mind, it then extends to another questions, which again starts branching out with some more questions which are totally related to making choice of the stroller.

Choosing the right double stroller can be a tedious task, however there are some strollers available out which fulfill the most common needs that are on average expected by any parent.

Twin Cosmo Strollers by Combi double strollers is another of the stroller that is much popular online. Over past few years, many parents have reported positive response for these strollers. However, there are few shortcomings of these strollers too. Still it stands at good position than the other double strollers available online.

Twin Cosmo Stroller has multiple features available that will reduce your stress and comfort your baby for sure. Above all this stroller is compact and can be folded easily. There is major problem with double strollers that these are hard to be carried through doors and checkouts. Due to their wide size designed to adjust two babies on same stroller, it gets much of tedious job to work through such narrow spaces. However, you won’t find any difficulties for any of these activities while you are using Twin Cosmo Stroller. Here are some great features that you experience with these strollers.


Weight: 27 pounds
Dimensions: 32.5 x 30.5 x 40 in
Max weight: 90 pounds

Highlighted Features of Twin Cosmo Stroller by Combi


  • Compact design and self standing fold
  • Padded to provide extra security

Baby Comfort:

  • The seats can be multi – positioned
  • Seats can be reclined easily reclining seats
  • Lay flat seating with infant safety boots


  • Convertible three or five point harness


  • You can easily carry it through the doors & checkouts at the airport
  • Fits very tightly so you can easily carry it in any car without detaching it
  • Comes with Storage basket and canopy pocket to carry important goods along

What might annoy you:

The basket that comes along might not be enough to carry all the goods for your babies while you are on walk or tour. The basket of that comes with stroller is regular size which might restrict your use to the limited goods. The cup holders are unnecessarily shallower. Also the price of the stroller is high but for the quality you get with it, it is worth spending some extra bucks.

Final conclusion

Twin Cosmo stroller is a great double stroller and it is worth to invest in the stroller as it is durable and you will find it value for money.

How to get your hands on it?

Twin Cosmo stroller is a great double stroller and you can find it on amazon easily.

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