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Toastess TVS682 Programmable Vegetable Steamer Review

The Toastess TVS682 is a stainless steel food, vegetable, and rice steaming system. It is three tiers tall at its maximum capacity holding up to twelve quarts. For smaller meals or dishes only one tier may be used or two as needed.

The base of this machine is an electric steamer with a digital clock for programming cooking time or start times for any dish or meal. The Stainless Steel design keeps a sleek clean look that blends well with other kitchen appliances.


  • This food steaming system has three levels that stack perfectly together. Each level has a durable plastic steaming dish and a stainless steel vented tray that allows steam to move through the levels easily.
  • Also included with this steamer system is a specific plastic rice cooking dish that can be placed in any of the three levels.
  • Each level has plastic handles for easy handling without causing burns to the hands when transferring food items. A stainless steel lid of solid construction fits a top of the system to lock the steam in while cooking.
  • The programmable digital clock is easy to read and program. The timer feature allows for the user to set a specific turn on time and also a time to shut off following cooking. This makes this steamer an ideal product for the busy mother to prepare a healthy dinner while completing other task in or out of the home during the cooking time.

What Owners Are Saying About It

Owners of the Toastess TVS 682 state that it makes fixing a meal a easy and convenient. Many users prepare a meal, set the timer and go about their daily activities. When they arrive home their meal is perfectly prepared and ready at the programmed time.

Other users praise that this food steaming system cooks food perfectly without having to utilize multiple pans or creating a large mess in the kitchen making clean up quick and easy.

Things To Look Out For

As with any cooking appliance this food cooking appliance does get hot. Always use the handles when transferring levels and keep hands and faces away from the top when opening to avoid steam burns. Be sure to keep the food steaming system on a level surface to ensure the best results and safe use.

The clock is a digital twelve hour programmable clock; therefore it is necessary to make sure the clock is set correctly for use.

Size and Weight

The size may change on this food steaming system. At its maximum it holds up to twelve quarts. That makes the system taller than other products for the same use, standing approximately 18 inches tall. The durable plastic steaming dishes are about twelve inches in diameter allowing for larger meals or food items to be cooked.


The Toastess TVS 682 Stainless Steel Programmable Food Steamer and Rice cooking system is a convenient way to prepare a healthy meal for any family. It is a perfect complement to a busy home and schedule. It cooks and steams food perfectly with little effort outside of preparation and is easy to clean up after use allowing more time for the important things like family.

Toastess TVS682 Stainless Steel Programmable Food Steamer and Rice Cooker, 3-Tier, 12 Quart/Liter
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Toastess TVS682 Stainless Steel Programmable Food Steamer and Rice Cooker, 3-Tier, 12 Quart/Liter
  • Produces steam in as little as 30 seconds
  • Water reservoir holds 1.2 liters/quarts of water, for more than 60 minutes of steaming time
  • Includes 1 rice bowl, 3 durable stainless steel trays and 3 transparent steaming bowls each with 4 litre/quart capacity
  • Rice and steaming bowls stack inside each other for compact storage
  • Timer with auto shut-off and audible signal, programmable 12 hour delay start

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