Tips For Buying Wheelchairs

Tips For Buying WheelchairsThe wheelchairs were designed to replace walking. They are used mostly by physically disabled people who are unable to walk. This disability can be from birth in the form of polio and also due a major accident during a course of life which may force an individual to become handicap and lose his ability to walk on his feet.

There are especially two types of wheelchairs available in the market. The first one and also the initial wheel chair is the manual wheelchair. In this type of wheelchairs, two wheels are provided which run by the individual sitting on the chair itself. He is the one who has to move the handle attached to wheel.

Such wheelchairs are used mostly by poor people who cannot afford the other type. The second type f wheel chair is the electric one. As the name suggests in this type, there isn’t any manual labor required to move the wheelchair. A motor is prided which works on a battery. On successful maneuvering the motor, the chair can be moved accordingly. This type of chair is more costly and can be afforded only by the richer section of the society. However, this type of wheelchairs is very advantageous for women because they are unable to exert the desired force required to move the manual wheel chair.

Budget– one should be sure about the budget that he ready to spend on his wheel chair. There are a number of wheel chairs available in the market with vast price range. Hence according to the pocket, one should select his wheelchair.

Size-the next thing is the size of the wheel chair. The size varies deeding for whom the wheelchair is to be used, whether it is a child or an adult. Then accordingly, various other factors also come into play. If the wheelchair is to be used for a child, then its weight will be less as compared to that wheelchair which is to be used for an adult.

Portable– there are also a number of wheelchairs which portable in nature. Earlier the wheelchairs which used to come were not portable. But today, most o the wheelchairs can be folded and can be kept in a car trunk. Hover, if a person is willing to buy a portable wheelchair, then he should be clear about the dimension of his trunk and the chair so that the chair can be easily kept inside it.

Duration of use– one should also be clear about the period of time for which the wheelchair is to be used. If it is to be used for the entire life, then it is advisable to invest on a high quality and hence high price wheel chair. If it is to be used just or few days or months then one can go for a cheap wheelchair also.

Accessories– one can also think of attaching some accessories to wheelchairs in case he spends a lot of time of his day on his wheelchair only. Accessories like shopping bags, baskets are most commonly used.

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