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The Lodge L-410 Grill

The Lodge L-410 GrillIf you enjoy small trips with your family or nature weekend getaways with your group of friends, the Pre-seasoned Sportsman’s charcoal grill will make the perfect investment.

Product Description:

There is literally no other way to grill than using a charcoal grill to deliver that irreplaceable smell and taste of the perfectly roasted and fried veggies or meat. It is said that more than a half of the total pleasure people take of grilling is when you actually make the grill, thus what could be more entertaining than lighting the perfect fire with your friends and look out for the meat to be evenly cooked?

The L-410 pre-seasoned charcoal grill from Sportsman will deliver just that, but other things more. It features two adjustable height temper cooking speeds, in order to best cook your veggies or meats. Also, the included draft door of this product will easily regulate the heat, allowing your food to be evenly cooked on both sides, without the risk of burning or overcooking your meal.

Moreover, you will get easy access to the coal thanks to the small flip-down door. Thus, depending on the type of meat or veggies you want to grill, you can simply add the necessary amount of coal. Thanks to the covered door, you will not risk the wind or rain turning off your fire, and leaving you without a perfectly cooked meal.

But what is truly amazing about this cheap product is that it actually comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. As a result, you will not have to spend additional time greasing or oiling the grill so that your meat will not get burned. This Sportsman’s charcoal grill consists of durable cast iron, and, due to its really compact measurements, it can be easily transported and stored anywhere, from your garage to your basement, and even in your car’s trunk.


Affordable price. For a grill under $100, the L-410 is powerful, and can be used all year around, no matter the weather outside.

The small dimensions of this product make it compact, easy to handle, easy to carry, easy to assemble, easy to use, and easy to store. Pack this grill on your next picnic or weekend getaway.


Only suitable for outdoors, due to the CO dangers

Quite difficult to clean when dry. However, when cleaned immediately after being used, the grill becomes as shiny as new with only hot water.


The Lodge L-410 is a compact and easy to use charcoal grill that will deliver delicious meals on a blink of an eye. Take with you anywhere you go and enjoy endless cuisine possibilities.

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