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The Function of Red Beam in LED Flashlight

juhyIf you notice some special types of LED flashlight, you will see that some have two types of beams; red and white. While white beam is the regular one, red beam usually has shorter light range. You may wonder why you even need extra beam that does not provide as much lighting function as the regular white beam? The answer is that it depends on what you do with that red beam.

The Multi Benefits of Red Beam

White beam is the one that functions as regular lighting tool, but red beam has specific functions. Since red beam has shorter range and lesser intensity than white beam does, red beam is used for various tasks that require more obscurity and attract lesser attention. Here are some functions of red beam in a double beam LED flashlight:

  • For hunters, red beam is useful to illuminate their surroundings and track down animals without attracting the animals’ attentions or alerting them because of the glare of white beam.
  • For drivers and truckers, red beam is useful if they need to read maps inside the moving cars or trucks without creating bright glare that hurts their eyes or distracts them.
  • For law enforcement officers and soldiers, red beam is useful if they need to illuminate their surroundings without alerting bad people or enemies that may be hiding near their areas.
  • For outdoor adventurers, red beam has similar functions like truckers and drivers. In addition, they can also use red beam as a tool to give emergency alert.
  • During emergency, such as accident at night or in the middle of snowy weather, you can use the red beam to give emergency signal to the passing drivers.

If you are at outdoor area or anywhere that is far from public facilities and you fear that your LED flashlight will run out of batteries, you can depend on red beam to illuminate your surroundings and save the batteries, because red beam only eats up half of the battery power than the glaring white beam.

As you can see, double beam LED flashlight can give you a lot of benefits. However, remember that double beam flashlight costs more expensive than a regular flashlight with single LED. You may not need the red beam too often (perhaps because you stay mostly at home in town or suburban area). Think carefully before you decide to buy an LED flashlight with both red and white beams.

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