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The Effects of Humidity on your Health

If the humidity levels in your home are over 50%, not only is it uncomfortable for you and the family but it can even exacerbate allergies, asthma and arthritis sufferers, due to the fact that mold, mildew, dust mites and fungi thrive in humid conditions. In summer, the hot, sticky days reduce the rate of evaporation of sweat from our bodies. For that reason our bodies need to work harder to cool down which leaves us feeling sluggish and fatigued.

The combination of extreme heat and high humidity can be dangerous, as it disrupts our body’s ability to cool down, which could lead to a heat stroke, so people with asthma symptoms or heart problems should be very careful in such conditions and find a much cooler and drier environment. Having a dehumidifier for home will help tremendously under these circumstances.

Effects of Humidity on your Home and Electronic Equipment

In summer when humidity levels rise, moisture tends to build up on windows, water pipes, roofs and walls which in extreme cases can even cause paint to blister and wallpaper to peel.

Water pipes and metals will begin to rust and wood will warp causing doors and draws to stick. Certain items need special care from the negative effects of humidity like books, documents, photos, paintings, electronic equipment, antiques, clothes or even your old collection of VHS cassettes that you still have not converted to DVD, etc.

Humidity can create malfunctions in many electronic devices. What happens is that the humid air will create bad contacts on the printed circuit boards. This can usually be solved by removing the circuit boards and cleaning their contact points with the use of a simple rubber eraser.

Obviously this “cleaning the contacts” procedure should only be done by those DIY people with some understanding of how electronic devices work and should never forget to remove power from the wall socket. Sometimes the humidity can create short-circuits internally and the devices become irreparable.

Benefits of a Home Dehumidifier

A good dehumidifier will help reduce the humidity levels in your home to a much more comfortable 30-50% level. It should also reduce dust mites, pollens, fungi and other insects that thrive in a high humidity environment. These harmful elements are the major causes of allergies and asthma as well as other respiratory problems.

With a dehumidifier, moisture can be easily controlled in your home. An average family can create up to 15 liters of moisture per day through breathing, bathing, cooking, heating and drying clothes. During the hot summer months, moisture builds up in wall linings, roofs, wood furniture, frames, photos, books, clothes and anywhere it can be absorbed.

The long term effects of excess humidity can be quite horrific. Considering the harm that high humidity can do to your health and damage to your home it’s quite obvious that a dehumidifier is a necessity and could, in the long run save you thousands of dollars from health and home repair bills, as well as bringing a lot more comfort and a better quality of life.

Even though dehumidifiers are one of the most underrated home appliances, there is no doubt that they are one of the most useful devices for your home. In fact I would consider them indispensable if you live in humid, foggy or coastal areas.

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