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Sunpentown SD-65E Dehumidifier Review

If you have a 1000-square-foot room, a small or even a medium 40-pint dehumidifier simply will not do to get rid of the excess moisture. What you need is a dehumidifier for large areas, and the best unit yet is the Sunpentown SD-65E.

This 65-pint dehumidifier draws moisture out of the air quickly and effortlessly, and it will work in your living room or basement or any other wide spaces in your home. It is easy to set up and get going, and is Energy Star rated for a cut in the power bills.

Great Design and Quiet Operation

Good news for those who want to hook up a draining hose to the dehumidifier so that no manual work of emptying the bucket is needed, the draining tube connects to the unit without allowing the water to enter the bucket first, so that there will be totally no sitting water to grow mold and allergens.

If you are using the bucket, the dehumidifier will shut off automatically when it is full, and the indicator shows you that it’s time to empty the bucket. After a power outage, the unit turns back on by itself!

Once you’ve set it up and start it, you may be surprised to find that this dehumidifier is much quieter than many other units of the same size. Smaller dehumidifiers may be quieter, but that is only because they have a smaller compressor.

Removes Water Really Fast

The best thing about this dehumidifier is that it removes the moisture from the air much faster and more efficiently reduce the humidity. A dehumidifier that works slowly might have to run for a longer time before the optimum humidity level is reached, but the Sunpentown SD-65E needs only a few hours.

If you are not convinced that this is the dehumidifier for your home, read through the loads of positive ratings for Sunpentown SD-65E here.


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