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Summer Infant Monitor

Summer Infant MonitorThe Summer Infant day and night monitor is one of the best baby monitors in the market thanks to the great features that offers for a super low price. While most baby monitors can get very expensive if they come with a long list of features, this baby monitor is one of the only ones that ranks under $100. The first characteristic that makes this product reliable is that the brand (Summer Infant) is strictly specialized in baby products and their company is completely based on how to make the best devices for babies.

With that having said, this Summer Infant Monitor keeps it simple but delivers a great quality product: a baby monitor that allows parents to watch and hear their baby when they are not close to him. While there is clearly a lack of the latest technology, most parents find it easier to use than other more advanced devices which are more complicated to use due to the long list of features.

The first feature in the Summer Infant Monitor is its 5’’ black and white screen which provides images of great quality that even if they are not in color are detailed and have a great level of transmission.  One of the recommendations is that you might want to be careful when placing it close to other electronics as it can interfere in the transmission of video and audio. The best way to minimize the possible interference is switching to a different channel from the three available.

The best characteristic on the audio transmission is that the device makes LED lights if it hears a sound close to the baby; that way the parents don’t have to be constantly checking on the baby monitor but they can trust its own system.

It uses 900 MHz technology which can provide transmission of up to 350 feet, which is slightly lower than most baby monitors but it is great if the baby’s room is close to the parents’ room. Not to mention that the Summer Infant monitor is powered by batteries, so it is actually very easy to just transport it to the room where the baby is.

Some of the down sides of the device is the low power, at 900 MHz, it is definitely not enough to keep a clear transmission at all times and for parents who are expecting to make it 100% possible, this baby monitor will not do it. It also depends on which household electronics you use at the same time while you watch your baby, so it really depends on a personal level.

This Summer Infant monitor is great if you are looking for a practical device that will satisfy your needs without breaking the bank. It might have a technological downside but it is still great to have a big screen and great quality audio. It is definitely a great value for its price, and from the baby monitors around $100-$200 is one of the best reviewed by happy customers.

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