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Summer Baby Digital Monitor

Summer Baby Digital MonitorThis Summer Infant Baby Touch Digital Color Video Monitor had a great impact in the market of baby monitors and child devices claiming it to be the first one ever to incorporate a touch screen to the video monitor where the images are streamed. With this huge improvement to the technology of these baby monitors, we understand why the price is higher than other simpler, cheaper devices. However, this great device has some interesting features that we liked.What’s interesting about this Summer baby digital monitor is that it is very lightweight and can be carried around very easy; actually, it has the external aspect of a smartphone. Its range goes up to a distance of 400 feet which gives you enough space to watch your baby without having to be always there.

Even though it has 100% sure signal up to 400 feet, some parents have reported that the Summer baby digital monitor could go up to 2000 feet of distance from their child’s room without losing transmission. However, it is not recommendable relying on a further distance to prevent from losing signal with the baby.As in many other baby monitors there is the option to talk back to your baby with the talk-to-baby dual communication, which is great if you would also like him to hear you.

One of the best features is its big 3.5’’ LCD video display that allows you to have a clear vision of your baby. It also incorporates a very interesting characteristic on its camera: it changes positions when it detects that your baby is making a move too. That way you don’t have to worry about having different angles and cameras, this one does it for you. It also includes night-vision that is almost as clear as the images that you can get in the daylight.Click here to read what customers think about this product!

The battery life of this Summer baby digital monitor is praised by all the parents that have tried it out, claiming that they couldn’t decide what was better; the batteries last for a very long period of time without losing power and there is a signal on the monitor to remind you of the level of the battery.

The overall customers review on this baby monitor is that they are very happy using it because it gives them confidence that it will never fail to send signal to their device, and when it is indeed sending images and audio these are so clear that they can almost feel their baby.

The only little complaint that parents agree on is the fact that the power button to switch the device on and off and the talk-to-baby button are situated too close to each other, which makes it easy to mistake them and power off the device losing signal with their baby. However, this is the only issue that parents have encountered when using the Summer baby digital monitor so overall it is one of the greatest baby devices in the market.Click here to visit AMAZON and buy the product at the best price!

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