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Stationary Bike Overview

Sunny-Stationary-BikeStationary exercise bikes are either recumbent bikes or upright bikes. Some people find a recumbent bike more comfortable than the normal upright bike. In traffic a recumbent bike has some disadvantages but as a stationary bike, the recumbent bike does not have any significant disadvantages. But it takes up more space than an upright stationary bike.

An exercise bike is easy to use and it is perfect for light to medium exercise. A stationary bike is very easy on the joints. If you are fit and want heavy training, then an exercise bike is not the best solution. A step-mill or treadmill is the better solution for heavy exercise. A lot of people watch TV or read while cycling. Research has shown that the intensity tends to be lower but on the other hand people tend to work out longer.

Stationary bikes can be cheap, generally with very few features, but you also have expensive models that have all possible bells and whistles. Some of the expensive models are more comfortable and sturdier. But the high-end models also come with more exercise programs. You need to decide how much you are prepared to spend. If you are buying your first stationary bike, it may be prudent to buy one of the cheaper models. It may turn out that you are not using the bike as much as you had expected.

Always make sure that the bike fits you properly. Otherwise the exercise quickly becomes uncomfortable. Adjust the seat height before starting pedaling. Your knees should be straight or minimally bent when the pedal is at the bottom position.

If you are using a recumbent bike, you can allow your knee to be slightly more bent. Try to keep your upper body relaxed. As a rule of thumb, it is better to use a light gear and peddle faster rather than cycling slow on a heavy gear. If you are serious about using a stationary bike, you should use a heart rate monitor. Some bikes include a heart rate monitor.

Spinning has become popular all over the world. Almost every gym has spinning classes. A spinning bike is more like a racing bike than a traditional exercise bike. While most exercise bikes have a lot of exercise programs you can choose from, a spinning bike does not have any electronic display or programs.

Spinning classes have an instructor who leads the exercise, who sometimes decides that a big hill coming up. The students can adjust the resistance on their bikes and change the pedal rate. A good instructor is really important for spinning, otherwise the training quickly becomes boring and you are not pushing yourself. Spinning can be the ideal solution for people who don’t like to exercise on their own.

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