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Soleus Air DP1-30-03 Dehumidifier Review

I don’t know about you but I just can’t stand extremely humid air. Not only it’s uncomfortable and makes your skin sticky, it will cause damage to your property as it encourages mold and mildew to grow. If you can no longer stand it and thinking of getting a dehumidifier to regulate the humidity level, the Soleus Air DP1-30-03 is a good investment.

Powerful For Its Size

For a dehumidifier with a stated capability that is in the low end, do not underestimate its prowess. Even though the manufacturer stated that it has the capacity to take only 30-pints of water from the air a day, I believe it is capable of doing more. A reviewer on Amazon too noted this and commented that the Soleus Air DP1-30-03 extract more moisture from the air more that his old basement dehumidifier!

Removing The Water Out Of The Tank

Even though the dehumidifier takes the water out of the air like magic, there is a problem with the collection bucket’s capacity. The bucket can only hold up to 9.5 pints of water at a time. This smaller bucket means that you will need to be alert for the alarm indicating that the bucket is full – this can mean that you will need to empty the bucket several times for the first 24 hours of operation. Of course, if you are just lazy (as I am) or have better things to do than tending to the machine (as I am), you can connect a hose for easy drainage.

Energy Efficient and Works in Low Temperatures

One of the great thing about this dehumidifier is that it was designed to be environmental friendly and this is evident with the Energy Star Rating it has achieved. You can control the operating time of the dehumidifier by setting it to your preferred humidity level (between 35% to 80%) and it will turn itself down once it has been achieved. Of course, it will start up again once the humidity level deviates from the setting. You can also set the dehumidifier to turn itself off automatically by setting the timer. You will have the option to shut it off after 2 hours or 4 hours.

Another great thing about the Soleus Air DP1-30-03 is that it can work in lower temperatures as low as 41°F. I live in a mild climate place but it can get rather damp and cold inside our small basement. Our unit works great in the colder temperature thanks to the automatic defrost function that kicks in when ice is detected on the condenser. It will restart itself once the ice has melt. It is one of the more silent models out there with this function, so if you have a cold bedroom you will like this dehumidifier compared to the other low temperature operation models that chug like trains.

Care Instructions

The Soleus Air DP1-30-03 must be placed on a leveled surface that will be able to support the whole unit when the bucket is full. Keep in mind that to use a hose for continuous draining, you have to place the dehumidifier on surface that is higher than the draining outlet i.e. a window or the laundry basin so that gravity can do its magic. You must also make sure that there is enough room around the dehumidifier so that there will be adequate air flow. Do not attempt to disassemble the dehumidifier and always ask a certified technician to fix it.

Although it is not a super fancy dehumidifier, I would personally recommend the Soleus Air DP1-30-03 to everyone who needs a modest dehumidifier. On top of getting its primary job done, the dehumidifier is lightweight so portability is not an issue. It is also great for carpeted houses or offices as the casters are specifically designed to wheel across carpets easily.

Soleus #TDA45E  Energy Star Rated Air Dehumidifier, 45-Pint
37 Reviews
Soleus #TDA45E Energy Star Rated Air Dehumidifier, 45-Pint
  • Portable dehumidifier removes up to 45 pints of moisture per 24 hours
  • My home mode offers preprogrammed humidity levels for basement, living and sleeping spaces
  • Continuous mode with garden hose Connector offers continuous low-level drainage (garden hose not included)
  • Digital humidistat displays set humidity level and current room humidity level
  • Automatic shut-off with bucket Full indicator and alarm (8.5-Pint bucket capacity)

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