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Soleus Air CFM-40 40 Pint Dehumidifier Review

Soleus Air is another one of the heavyweights in home dehumidifiers and one of the best dehumidifier specialists currently in business.

This latest Soleus Dehumidifier, the CFM-40, is a 40 pint dehumidifier with a variety of features including non-CFC refrigerant, easy mobility with bottom wheels, and humidistat for precise pre-setting of the desired humidity level.

The Soleus Dehumidifier CFM-40 is able to operate at extremely low temperatures all the way down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and switches itself off when the water level reaches capacity in order to prevent spillage.

The Soleus Dehumidifier CFM-40 40 Pint has:

  • 40 pints per day dehumidifying capacity
  • Operation capability down to as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy cleaning with removable air filter
  • Bottom wheels for stress free movement around the house
  • 31 lbs unit weight

The first thing that strikes me about this Soleus Dehumidifier is that it has an astounding 696 reviews to its name on amazon, a total far beyond any 40 pint dehumidifier that I have thus far encountered. The average review is slightly below what we have seen for our previously featured dehumidifier reviews, with an average of 3.6/5, but to average that over nearly 700 reviews is respectable to say the least. There are nearly 500 customers who give this Soleus Air Dehumidifier either a 4 or 5 star rating, with a stellar 343 ratings at 5/5, however we cannot ignore the fact that 145 customers have also given it a 1 star rating. We will investigate the reasons for both the positives and negatives below.

First of all, we will cover the main advantages of buying a Soleus Dehumidifier CFM-40 over another competing model. This unit is one of the most popular dehumidifiers there is, and the huge number of Soleus CFM-40 Dehumidifier reviews on amazon are there for a reason. Hundreds of customers are reporting that the Soleus Air Dehumidifier CFM-40 has worked for over 6 months and even over 1 year without any problems whatsoever. Another positive is that it turns off when the power cuts out, and does not turn back on automatically, which protects it against damage from power outages as one of the big reasons for perfectly good dehumidifiers breaking is the great surge in current that occurs just after a power outage, against which many dehumidifiers do not have any protection. I’m glad Soleus Air have thought about this when they were making this CFM-40 40 Pint Dehumidifier. It definitely does seem as if, when a customer receives a good Soleus Air Dehumidifier unit, then it will be good forever.

Other features which may set this Soleus Dehumidifier apart from competitors is its triple-speed fan setting; now, some 40 pint dehumidifiers do have double fan speeds, though not all, but this Soleus Air Dehumidifier has a low, medium and high setting which is perfect for fine tuning the often considerable temperature increase that dehumidifiers do induce over long time periods of constant operation. The average 40 pint dehumidifier can increase room temperature anywhere between 3 and 7 degrees centigrade, and the fan is there to counteract this sometimes uncomfortable side-effect. As always, however, a more powerful fan means greater noise, so you have to balance your tolerance for noise with tolerance for temperature, to find a happy medium. More fan settings just help this decision quite a lot. While the three fan speed alone may not make the Soleus CFM-40 the best dehumidifier around, even in the more narrow 40 pint category, it is a feature which many of the leaders don’t have.

The programmable humidistat, timer and digital controls allow maximum flexibility and customization, beating the relatively rigid must-program-every-day DeLonghi dehumidifiers (unless on constant, in which case neither really needs that much programming except desired humidity level), and like any decent 40 pint dehumidifier (or any dehumidifier, for that matter) should, you can set this Soleus Dehumidifier to run 24/7 providing constant moisture removal, provided you hook it up to a hose around 1.5 cm in diameter and lead the hose to a drain. Don’t forget that the Soleus Air Dehumidifier CFM-40, unlike certain models made by DeLonghi, does NOT have a pump feature therefore it cannot make the flow of water go against gravity. As such, your drain will always have to be BELOW your dehumidifier in height, whereas with many DeLonghi models, your dehumidifier could be in the basement and your drainage could be above it on the ground floor level.

Now, on to the all important negative points raised by the CFM-40 dehumidifier reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. All involve broken units but in order to better aid readers, I have grouped these into three distinct classes:

If a unit is broken on arrival, it could well be that they are getting damaged in transit. If your Soleus Dehumidifier is not removing moisture from the air when you first turn it on, check your settings and if it really doesn’t work, call the vendor and send it back immediately. Do not delay, and you will get your money back with no problems. Reputed market places like amazon, even if you buy from a third party, have very strict rules in place to protect buyers. Now, if your unit is broken after 1-2 months of use, you should also send it back. Some ways to pre-empt this are, always be careful when moving the unit about, especially up and down stairs. Items such as dehumidifiers are surprisingly sensitive to shock and may be rendered dysfunctional if too much shock is absorbed from impacts. As long as you feel you have done nothing to render the Soleus Air Dehumidifier dysfunctional, then arrange to return the unit for your money back. If you return from 6 months to 1 year, make sure that it is less than 1 year because the warranty will expire once 12 months are up. 1 year isn’t so bad if you’re running a dehumidifier 24/7, but still, from top brands like Soleus Air, you should be expecting better than that. I find it baffling that so many customers are reporting perfect functionality after 2, 3, 4 years, while a few are complaining of receiving non-functional units, or units that stopped working after just a few weeks. Since I only trialled this for 1 week with perfect performance, I can only recommend that if you buy the Soleus Dehumidifier, or indeed any dehumidifier for that matter, you buy from a reputed seller with strong customer refund policies in place. Examples would be Amazon, Best Buy, and so on. That way, you are risking a lot less when you buy; because whichever 40 pint dehumidifier you do end up buying, there is always a chance of in transit damage, defective units and so on. It’s an unlikely, but definitely possible, part of the home appliance game.

Overall, I think that the Soleus Air CFM-40 is a case of massive potential but slight imperfection at the last hurdle, namely reliability. For example, if there were less reports of breakdowns or broken items on arrival, I would not hesitate to class this as the best dehumidifier in the small (40 pint) size range. However, as it stands, I cannot recommend this to my reviewers until Soleus has addressed the issues raised by this review.

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