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Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair Review

jimmieThe Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair can climb ramps, slopes and access cambers of a low to medium grade. Shoprider brand portable power chairs are a fine combination of portability, style and comfort. Compact features help support the ease of transport and your powerchair will give you years of mobility. The VSI controller is lockable in order to stop unauthorized use, the locking of the controller is simple, and accomplished via a sequential pressing of key and joystick.

When the controller remains on and not actually in use for over ten minutes, it will automatically ‘go to sleep’. When this occurs the battery light will slowly and intermittently flash. To reset, just turn the controller off and back on again. Powerchairs have a reclining seat, the seat lever is located to the left, just below the left armrest. Pull the lever upward and then adjust the seat position. The seat can also be folded for storage.

Price and main features list

  • • removable armrests with height, width& angle adjustments,
  • • armrests which flip upward for simple sideways transfer,
  • • a programmable VSI joystick controller with adjustable speed & battery life indicator,
  • • a conveniently placed charging port,
  • • a reclining, deluxe captain’s seat,
  • • a foot plate with adjustable length, height and angle,
  • • a front castor assembly with a 6” flat free tire,
  • • an efficient rear drive wheel, with a 9” flat free tire,
  • • an anti-tip wheel,
  • • a removable shroud for quick and easy color style changes

Who is it for?

It is a great machine if you need a wheel chair for daily use, and especially so if you will need to transport it by car too. It is easy to break down for transport and easy to charge the batteries as well. The motor has enough power to ascend most ramps you will come across in normal day to day use.

Pros and cons

Batteries are reasonably easy to replace. This unit gets through the doors nicely, and is easy to control. The wheelchair is quite easy to transport. This product is quite stable and solid. The tires, known as flat free tires, don’t have any air pressure for you to worry about. However, you need to check the batteries regularly. Battery life will be extended if the batteries are fully charged after each use and the battery pack always turned off when not in use. The Shoprider Jimmie PowerChair is designed to run on a pair of 12 volt/12Ah lead acid, aka SLA maintenance free batteries. For easy handling, these batteries are contained in a battery-pack. Note that the life of the batteries may well be affected by things such as temperature, terrain, driving methods, weight of user, and the general care taken of the batteries.

The motor on Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair isn’t overly powerful. Battery life is about average, nothing special. Chair provided was a little uncomfortable after use for long periods.

Why should you buy it?

It is very maneuverable and has enough power to get up most grades and ramps; in fact it’ll go most places where you can walk.


The Shoprider Jimmie Power Wheelchair is very maneuverable and has batteries which will charge quickly. The batteries are a bit slow to change over and the chair is only comfortable for shorter periods, but it’s big plus is the ease with which it breaks down and fits into a car.

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