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Samsung HW-J470 4.1 Channel 460 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar

ytrSamsung Sound BarSamsung HW-J470 4.1 Channel 460 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar features 4.1 channel surround system that will always put you in the middle of action, Bluetooth convenience, wireless rear speakers and active subwoofer.

This submerges you in action of your favorite shows, sports and movies. The sound bar can be set on the center of your entertainment to deliver the high and mids that you want to hear. The wireless sub can be sited anywhere nearby in order to deliver low-end punch. The sound speaker comes with a wireless model for easy set up.

Bluetooth connection

This allows one to wirelessly stream music from compatible Smartphone, computers and tablets. There is also a USB port which allows you to load up a thumb drive using your best digital music, pop it and leave it, whereby you will always have music cued and ready to play. The HW-J470 has a USB cable and an adapter that enhances the use of thumb drives without access to the rear panel port.

More detailed and powerful sound

With four built in speakers and an external wireless subwoofer, it makes HW-J450 system appropriate audio partner to your TV. It has a powerful sound that brings your preferred programs, movies and music to life. Dedicated mid -range and tweeters provide, detailed, rich, wireless sound backed up by a powerful bass of the subwoofer.

Many input options

The HW-J470 has many input options, this enhances flexibility when setting up and connecting external devices for example video streaming boxes and blu-ray players. Bluetooth enables you to wireless connect a compatible Samsung TV. Once you make connections to your devices through HDMI , USB, optical cable, Bluetooth and 3.5 mm aux cable , you can very easily switch from one source to another using a remote control.

Offers the most expedient way of enjoying surround sound

The HW-J470 delivers true sound with a sound bar in front and two wireless rear speakers situated at the back. The rear speakers allow wireless connection to the soundbar and the subwoofer can be hidden due to its wireless capacity.Provides a wireless way of upgrading your TV Sound

One can freely connect the soundbar to select Samsung TV automatically without wires and enjoy the best powerful sound that brings movies, programs, and music to life.


  • clear vocal performance
  • more detailed and powerful sound
  • wireless way of upgrading your TV sound
  • convenient way of enjoying surround sound


  • If you are a huge fan of another brand, then this may not be for you


The Samsung HW-J470 4.1 Channel 460 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar will give you the best output in terms of sound, effectiveness and efficiency in use. I would advice one to go for it as it has good reputation and the best from my experience with it.

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