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Safety Measures for Your Dehumidifier

As we very well know, dehumidifiers are electrical appliances, and they collect water. So it is very obvious that if no safety measures are taken, the dehumidifier that should work wonders for your home will instead pose you a safety hazard. Here are some good tips for using your dehumidifier safely and satisfactorily. Happy dehumidifying!

For your safety:

  • Turn off the switch and unplug the power cord each time you empty the bucket. This is extra precaution for any accidental spills that might cause electric shock if there is a problem in the unit or house wiring.
  • Try not to use any extension cords, but if you have to, don’t leave the cord lying on damp floors. In fact, don’t leave the cord lying anywhere because someone may trip on it.
  • Don’t try to change the plug or remove prongs from the plug.
  • Keep small children away from the unit.
  • Always make sure you have dry hands when plugging in the unit and turning on the switch to prevent shocks.
  • Don’t use a dehumidifier in the bathroom when bathing or using the bathroom.
  • Turn off the switch and unplug the power cord before you clean or do maintenance for the dehumidifier. For maintenance guide, see my post on How to Keep Your Dehumidifier Working.

For better results:

  • Place the dehumidifier a good 6 – 12 inches away from walls and furniture so that the air holes are not blocked from taking in air.
  • Keep doors and windows shut when dehumidifying a room.
  • For the first few days, adjust the humidistat (if there is one) of the unit higher or put it to ‘extra dry’. The dehumidifer will take out the moisture not only from the air but also from furniture and tapestries.
  • If your dehumidifier is not a low temperature or auto defrost dehumidifier but the room temperature is below 65 degrees F, you must check to see whether the coils have frost on them. If there is frost, let it defrost first before turning it on again, because frost on the coils will prevent air from getting in and may damage the coils.

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