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Safety Measures for Baby Swing

Every year, around 1,600 babies are injured in baby swings. This finding was made by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

To offer your baby protection from falls and other harm when utilizing a swing, practise the following baby swing safety measures:

  • Do not leave your baby alone in a swing.
  • Utilise the safety harness available at all times. Do not depend solely on a play tray to control your child.
  • Arrange the swing as per the instructions from the manufacturer and store them for reference in future. Set aside at least thirty minutes so that you can carry out the work efficiently.
  • Avoid using a swing whose parts are broken or missing.
  • Do not place a swing which is portable on a lifted or soft surface like a sofa or bed. If it topples over, it can lead to suffocation or a fall.
  • Put your baby’s swing far from sources of heat like a radiator or stove and also from cords for drapery, phone or window-blind which are dangerous as they can strangle.
  • Do not allow older children to push the baby swing. Also, if your child is mature enough and can push himself by moving about in the seat, you should not use the swing anymore.
  • Begin with a setting with is very low, for swings with multispeed. High settings might be too bumpy for your infant. Babies who are very young normally like speeds which a slow. Older babies prefer a pace which is faster.
  • To avoid falls, always adhere to the requirements for age and weight, laid out by the manufacturer. Avoid utilizing a swing which is full-sized or portable, when your baby attains the limit for maximum weight or becomes very playful and attempts to get out of the swing.
  • Discontinue the use of a cradle swing if your baby is able to roll over or use hands and knees to push up.
  • Avoid moving your baby in a swing or utilizing a portable swing as a baby carrier unless the swing provides an option for detachable seat carrier like some do
  • Maintain safety near the swing. The safety regulations for swings are set out to offer safety to the occupant while the swing is being used.

Remember that swings can be dangerous to children who are playing nearby. Also, do not allow your baby or an older brother or sister to play with the swing when it is not being used. Additional baby swing safety measures:

  • Beware of recalls. In previous times, some baby swings were recalled due to complications with the set up between the frame of the seat and the seat, feeble harnesses and loose screws. You can get details on the website for CPSC at gov on recalls and subscribe for alerts.
  • Submit the card for product registration or go online to register your swing at the website of the manufacturer. This ensures you will be alerted when a recall comes up.


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