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Rheem 22V40F Natural Gas Water Heater

yetThe Rheem 22V40F natural gas water heater is designed to be great at delivering hot water, as well as efficient and reliable. There are no filters to clean, and the hot water heater features an air/fuel shut off device for protection and to lengthen the life of the Rheem hot water heater. The tank is rust proof and features brass valves and the EverKleen system fights sediment build up. This hot water heater is perfect for providing hot water and for reducing utility bills and operating costs. With a 40-gallon capacity, it provides all the hot water needed for even a large family.

  • • Rheem 22V40F1 Natural Gas Heater Weight: 90 pounds.
  • • Tall Tank Capacity
  • • Holds 40-gallons of water.
  • • Meets low nitrogen and oxide emission standards.
  • • High-altitude compliant.
  • • Reduced sediment build-up with the EverKleen system.
  • • Brass valves.
  • • Rust resistant.
  • • Very efficient and reduces operating costs and energy bills.
  • • Warranty: 6 year tank and parts warranty.

Rheem 22V40F1 Natural Gas Heater Reviews:

Many people find that the Rheem natural gas heater is an excellent product. The average rating for this product is 4 out of a possible 5 stars, showing that the product is great at performing well. One thing that many reviewers talk about is the ease of installation. For most people, it took just a few hours to get their Rheem ready to utilize. Some didn’t have to call a plumber so they were able to save money, although a second person to help lift is necessary.

Another thing that pleases the majority of people who have decided to purchase this hot water heater is the price. Excellent quality parts and performance come with a very low price, and this pleases customers. This is especially true considering that the energy costs will go down when using this efficient product. One reviewer said that it was nearly $200 cheaper than anything local, and when he received the hot water heater, he was pleasantly surprised to find how quiet it was.

The majority of people who have had their hot water heater for quite some time have experienced no problems at all. One reviewer brags about the pilot-only option if you’re not planning to use the hot water heater for an extended period of time, or if you’re only using it occasionally. This is just another way to save money by using this hot water heater rather than another one. Many people who purchased this heater had researched for quite some time before buying, pleased with the aspects as well as the brand name Rheem.

Based on the reviews of the Rheem 22V40F1 hot water heater, we feel extremely safe about recommending this hot water heater to others who need an extra heater or to replace the one they’re currently using. The chances of being unsatisfied with the quality, the performance, ease of installation, and energy savings are very low, making this product a valuable and affordable one.

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