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Proform Treadmills: Worth The Money?

Proform TreadmillsAre Proform Treadmills as good as the company claims? They are actually the biggest and most popular model of treadmill anywhere, and they retail their machines through large companies and sporting good stores.

They also occasionally sell them on television, and it’s no secret they are among the top or their low prices. Everybody knows this, but what most people don’t know is if they actually are good machines. Proform treadmill reviews such as the following one will help you learn the answer.

Another thing that makes them appealing to many is their many options they come with, and some even contain TVs on the machines to enable you to stay entertained while working out.

A great thing about Proform Treadmills is that they are capable of being folded up in order to conserve on room in your home, and therefore can fit into very tight areas.

One of the negatives about them is their relatively paltry three month warranty, which truth be told isn’t all that long when compared with others in the industry. Also, as I alluded to earlier, they aren’t that expensive, and while certainly saving money is a good thing, you don’t want to do so at the expensive of quality.

I would actually recommend you focus on machines that comes with warranties of at least twenty four months and beyond, and while they will cost you a bit more, they will also be higher quality, true, proform are highly quality for their cheap prices, but often times will not last you very long. THey are known for breaking down frequently, due to their weak motors and shoddy craftmanship.

Also, they are well known for their lousy customer service, so if you do have to replace something, a likely scenario, you likely will experience problems trying to do so.

The reality is, this is a popular company brand that has been in use for a long time, and if you are just getting started with exercising they might suffice. However, if you’ve been a runner for some time, and will be using it hard, I would recommend you pay a bit more in order to get higher quality and therefore last you longer.

Prooms are actually known their many problems that come with them, and if you buy one, while you will save money initially, you can plan on needing it serviced quite frequently, and the bottom line is, only Proform Treadmills if you aren’t a serious workout enthusiast.

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