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Portable Tankless Water Heater

hfOne of the rarest things one will find on the open road or on the trail is a steady supply of warm water. Luckily there are products like the Portable Tankless Water Heater with Shower Head that will provide you with the warm water you crave for virtually any purpose. One of the most interesting things about this hot water heater is the fact that it can provide hot water at the drop of a hat. That is to say of course that it’s capable of giving you hot water regardless of whether or not it has been recently engaged.

Something interesting to note is that this water heater will not engage unless water has been run through it recently. In other words if you want hot water from it, all you need to do is fill it up and turn it on. Typically it needs water flowing, and by using it you can take a shower, boil water, or anything else you could possibly need on the trail. So now you know what it does, but what features does it have? Let’s talk a bit about that, and then we’ll have a look at the customer reviews:

Specifications and Features:

  • * Portable Tankless Water Heater requires 2 D Cell Batteries for Ignition
  • * Minimum Flow Rate of 9.3 Liters Per minute
  • * Adjustable water temp, 80 to 150 Degrees Farenheit
  • * Adapter that connects to any standard garden hose
  • * One tank is good for 18 hours
  • * As long as you’re feeding water in, you’ll have hot water!

Portable Tankless Water Heater with Shower Head Reviews:

As a fairly new concept in the world of camping and other outdoor adventures, Portable Tankless Water Heater may be a bit unstable for some, but that does not mean it is unusable by any stretch of the imagination. There are a few customers that gave it low ratings but there were none that gave it an abysmal rating. One problem that customers found with it was the fact that you cannot have full water flow and full heat at the same time. You simply have to choose one or the other. Also keep in mind that this is not a device you want to use directly outdoors.

Many customers have found that the Portable Tankless Water Heater with Shower Head provides the hot water experience they need, but when used in cold weather it tends to fall apart. That being the case, most customers have reported that the product does precisely what it was intended to do no more and no less.

If you’re looking for hot water on the trail then you need look no further. Everything you need is in this small white box, ready and waiting for you to take advantage of it. Once you try Portable Tankless Water Heater you will find that it is finally possible to have hot water in the great outdoors, and you don’t need a generator to power it. All you need are a few batteries and a will to try out new things. Are you ready to be warm again?

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