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Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater

plmToday’s home theatre systems offer audio and visual technology that makes at-home entertainment better than it has ever been before. When you watch a movie, play a video game or listen to music, though, you expect to be immersed in the richest quality sounds. Some systems fall a little short in delivering the highest quality audio, and your home theatre may be one that’s in need of a little boost.

If so, you’ll want to find out more about the Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theatre.  This fantastic soundbar system can take any home theatre to the next level of audio greatness.

Simplified Set up – At Last

One thing that’s common to most home theatre set ups is frustration. If you’ve ever spent an entire afternoon hooking up components and working with speaker and input wires, you know how frustrating it really is. When you add the Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theatre to your home theatre, though, get ready for a surprise. This sound bar is built to be installed with ease.

No matter what kind of home theatre component you’re inputting to this soundbar, installation is quick and painless. In fact, most people report being able to get the Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA hooked up in just 5 minutes or less. Time is at a premium these days, and enjoying high quality audio shouldn’t be a hassle. With this soundbar, the entire process is simplified for the utmost in simplicity.

Home Theatre Features & Specs

  • Complete home theatre experience from a single speaker and an unobtrusive wireless subwoofer–no rear speakers, no extra wires
  • Stereo Dimensional Array (a patented Polk Audio exclusive) gives you digital surround sound with no clutter
  • Dynamic Balance drivers produce flat frequency response and sharp detail
  • Requires only a RCA stereo output from a TV, DVD play, or any source
  • Easy to install on a wall, thanks to built-in key hole slots

Polk is known for delivering when it comes to the best audio technology. With the introduction of the Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theatre, they’ve continued to live up to their well earned reputation for quality. This soundbar, though low in price, easily competes with some of the more expensive soundbar speakers on the market today.

Customer Comments

No soundbar review is complete without seeing what real life customers have to say. While researching for this Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theatre review, we found nearly 40 customer reviews. The majority of reviewers gave this model a 4 or 5 star rating out of a possible 5 star maximum.

That is pretty impressive. There were a few complaints, most notably in regard to synching the Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar with Universal remotes. Some customers had an issue with doing this, but soon found the directions they needed in the included documentation.

Polk raises the bar on affordable soundbars with the Polk Audio AM1805 SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theatre If your home theatre is lacking the punch you want, this is a soundbar speaker you’ll want to install as soon as possible.

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