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Panasonic Nn-Sn651B Microwave Review

Panasonic nn-sn651b Microwave is my first experience with the “inverter heating technology”. I like it so much better than my older units that when on reduced power cooking, it just gave you shorter durations of full power heating. This unit actually reduces the cooking power over the total cooking time. I no longer experience overheated spots on my defrosted meats. However, the “inverter” function is about all that I really like about this model.

I defrosted salmon, boiled water, and made microwave popcorn, all perfectly done. The inverter defrost is much better than the old way, where my microwave would say it was defrosting, but really just cycle on and off the motor on high for a longer period of time. The salmon took 4 minutes, the 3 cups of water boiled in about 3 minutes. I love it. I’ve seen complaints on other sights about the fact that the light doesn’t turn on when you open the door. I don’t think that is a valid complaint. I can see fine when putting items in and the light in my kitchen is plenty for me while cleaning.

I like this because it is the perfect size for counter space, and it is powerful. Easy to operate controls and stylish enough looking and also, great price! With prime I had it in two days, so that was nice.

One of the reasons we specifically chose this model is that we don’t want an interior light that stays on while the door is open. We prefer to leave the door slightly ajar when the unit’s not in use, because it dries out nicely and keeps it smelling cleaner.

We also selected this oven because it’s almost identical to its predecessor, which had been a good size for our limited counter space and a workhorse for our family for over ten years. It has proven to cook well in a reasonable amount of time for a smaller oven, and it’s simple to use. Even the owner’s manual is clear and concise.

This is a powerful, elegant, and functional microwave. It does what we need it to do and it does it well.

This microwave works fine, and is faster than most others I’ve used. It’s a good value for the price. Several people commented negatively that the coating on the number pad started bubbling right away. Well, people, that’s because it’s shipped with a peel-off clear coating like you find on most electronic devices these days. I left it on to protect the number pad more, but don’t worry about the bubbling. Several people complained that there is no inside light. I don’t mind that as my lighting is OK. One reviewer mentioned that (s)he likes the absence of a light because (s)he occasionally leaves the door slightly ajar to air out. Good idea! The defrost and reheat leftovers functions work well. Some said it was noisy, but I don’t find it any different than my old microwave, which included a top browning feature which I seldom used and which made it a pain to clean. This one cleans easily. It does cause a slight static on my cell or cordless phone if I’m standing right in front of it while talking, so maybe I’m getting zapped, I don’t know. I used to worry more about such things but these days it’s impossible to avoid electronic “noise.” I just try not to hug it while it’s working. Overall, while it’s not perfect it works well and is a good value.

One thing that is excellent is the instruction manual: it is quite thorough, and if you happen to have issues with yours, it’s a great place to start and is well ahead of competitors. The oven itself is quite powerful and cooks food very quickly.

I have been using it more and more, and it heats food quickly and evenly. I have had to adjust my microwave intuition (setting it for how much your food really needs) because it gets hot pretty quickly. Again, satisfied and would recommend!


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