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Oster OGH6901 09 Cubic Feet Digital Microwave Oven Review

This Oster OGH6901 microwave is not heavy but is totally more powerful than the one I had. It is easy to clean & my foods cook in about half the time as it did with the one I previous and one the biggest selling points. I purchased this microwave over a year ago and it works just great. The microwave looks pretty good on the kitchen, it’s simple to operate, easy to clean up and the food gets heat up evenly it has plenty of powers for everything. This is a great microwave for a small kitchen. It might look odd in a huge kitchen. Our family has been more than pleased with its performance.

This thing says it is 900w but it cooks fast. Reheated meatloaf 30 seconds. Reheated mashed potatoes 30 seconds mix 15 seconds done! Microwave bag of green beans a full minute under the recommended cook time. It is cooking everything completely, just faster than expected.

Love it. The only option I don’t like it the beeping reminder every few seconds if I don’t take my food out immediately, but I can see where many people would like that option. But it is a very good value for a moderately priced microwave.

I like the overall design and ease of this Oster OGH6901 oven. I like that the microwave beeps if you have left food in there after the timer has stopped. It’s fairly powerful for its size and wattage and has been going strong for at least 9 months now so I can’t complain as I see it lasting into the future.

I’ve had this microwave oven for a few weeks now and am quite happy with it. I’m a single guy, and this is just fine for my needs, which are mainly heating up things for lunch or dinner. I don’t do any actual “cooking” with it, just heating and re-heating, and it’s more than powerful enough for my needs.

The only thing that bothers me is the push button mechanism to open the door. I like the older models with the traditional handle you can just pull the door open with. The push button panel requires too much pressure, and unless the oven is against the wall, it will slide around on you.

Oster OGH6901 is a nice compact microwave, with good power. I bought this with use in a mini-motorhome in mind. I wanted something compact, without sacrificing power. This passes on both of these points. None of the recipes I’ve tried have required changing the recommended cooking time to come out correctly.

The only reason I knocked one star off the rating is because there is no ability to turn off the turntable motor. Sometimes with a larger food container there isn’t room for it to spin inside the oven. This is especially true with a small unit like this.

Better than I expected it to be considering the other reviews. It arrived on time and heats my food great. The only negative is I would suggest heating everything in 30 second intervals until you get a feel for the heating power. The time display window is very bright, which I like because it also serves as a night light.

This Oster OGH6901 microwave is more powerful than my last one. 20 seconds on full power will melt most of a stick of butter. It doesn’t have very good traction on the bottom, so opening it is a 2-handed operation, but that doesn’t bother me much. Setting the time was very simple. I was pleasantly surprised that I can set the timer, and then run the microwave for a set time without it turning off the timer.

Over all, it’s a microwave, it was a lot cheaper than other options at the time I bought it, it is a good size, and I am happy. In case anyone is wondering, the display numbers are blue. I highly recommended it.

Oster OGH6901 0.9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Countertop Digital Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel/Black
927 Reviews
Oster OGH6901 0.9 Cubic Feet 900-Watt Countertop Digital Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel/Black
  • 900-watt of cooking power with 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 auto cooking/one touch menu options
  • Speed defrost or weight defrost options
  • Cooking complete signal
  • Green LED digital display

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