Oster Blenders

tFor mixing drinks, shakes and sauces, the Oster blender offers the quality and long lasting products that many prefer to use in their kitchens. The products offer some benefits that others may not and are now available in all the newest styles or popular color choices.

One of the unique features of the brand is the use of all stainless steel blades and drive systems. This means that parts will last and provide many years of reliable performance. Whether mixing pancake batter or crushing ice for a cool drink, the product will also produce the desired results.

Motors are powerful, so all items can be crushed, liquefied or ground, regardless of the number of uses the machine has seen. There are models with traditional glass and with plastic containers, so the buyer now has many options. Many people prefer the light weight of the plastic, though some prefer the glass, as it signifies a solid machine and is easy to clean in the dishwasher, when removed from the base and blades.

Color options include black, stainless steel, white or steel with black trim. There are 7,8 10,12 and 16 speed models, to meet a variety of needs in the kitchen. For those who do all kinds of food preparation and love to spend time in the kitchen, the 16 speed models are probably most suitable. Those who simply want to mix drinks or crush some ice may find the 8 speed models are suitable for their needs. There is even an ice shaving model, for those who frequently mix or serve drinks of all kinds.

The best smoothie blender is one that will combine all the ingredients evenly. This brand will provide such performance and having multiple speed settings allows for better mixing of fruit and other liquids. Dry ingredients such as protein powders may also be easily incorporated into most mixtures.

All products come with a one year warranty. However, even if the device is used every day, it is likely to last far longer. Having such a warranty provides buyer with peace of mind and assures them they are selecting a brand made of quality parts. Prices for products will range from around $30 to $75, depending on the model and features. Products are well worth paying a few extra dollars, as they will get the job done the first time. With so many models to choose from, they also make great wedding and housewarming gifts for even the most discriminating couples.

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