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NewAir AW-280E Wine Refrigerator Review

The AW-280E NewAir Thermoelectric wine refrigerator allows you to store and enjoy wine at its finest. One of the primary enemies of wines is a prolonged exposure to heat or extreme cold and sunlight. Because of these factors, most wine collectors and buyers choose to store their wines in wine fridges and cellars; however, this always remains a failure as most types of wine coolers and fridge systems are too expensive or just considerably substandard.

Nevertheless, if you are a novice connoisseur or are a prominent collector of wines, keeping your bottles safely in a compartment at an ideal temperature will maintain your wines’ fragrance and taste. These are all made possible through the use of the AW-280E NewAir thermoelectric wine cooler.

Although this type of wine cooler is considered very lightweight and accumulates very little space compared to other commercial wine fridges, it invariably brags a huge 28 bottle capacity and it can easily and efficiently accommodate a large collection of any wine enthusiast. Its built-in digital temperature control provides precise and accurate temperature modes that can best suit the temperature needs of all brands of wines. It is designed with a LED lighted touch screen that enables any user easy control and operation.

Furthermore, the AW-280E NewAir Thermoelectric wine cooler also has an internal LED monitor display for easy viewing and temperature control adjustments.

In terms of the style, the AW-280E NewAir Thermoelectric wine cooler comes as an attractive and smooth black cabinet and as chrome-plated wine racks for a more sophisticated touch. And because this wine fridge uses thermoelectric cooling that is free from any types of vibration, it operates in a silent manner and will not, in any way, disturb a quiet indoor environment or setting.

What invariably makes the AW-280E NewAir different from other wine coolers is that most wine collections have been greatly damaged due to the moisture and temperature instability of other brands of wine coolers. Exceeding or extreme temperatures can cause wines to prematurely age; hence, its entire balance and taste can be lost. When a bottle of wine is stored in an overwhelming cold temperature, it can also lose its aroma and taste, which is why the AW-280E NewAir is considered by many wine cooler reviews as the best wine storage device and solution. This reasonably-priced wine fridge is also designed with a LED temperature monitor display and can amazingly hold up to 28 bottles of wine.

With careful and gentle use, and accompanied by proper and regular maintenance, you can effectively avoid meeting any type of problem with the construction and mechanics of the AW-280E NewAir. Compared to other types of commercial wine refrigerators, the AW-280E NewAir cooling device operates on a more advanced level, and it usually runs longer and more frequent to maintain a constant temperature that is ideal for storing wines.

NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
74 Reviews
NewAir AW-280E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
  • Stylish chrome-plated wine racks slide-out for easy access to your favorite bottle of wine
  • Thermoelectric cooling technology operates quietly & offers vibration free storage to protect the natural flavors of the wine
  • Features an interior LED light for accenting your favorite wines, while still ensuring they are stored at the proper temperature
  • Digital temperature display allows you to check the temperature of your wine with just a glance
  • Boasts an elegant freestanding design with a sleek silver handle & black trimmed door, storing up to 28 bottles of wine

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