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NewAir AD-400 40 Pint Portable Dehumidifier Review

The NewAir AD-400 Dehumidifier Review is the first NewAir model that we have reviewed. It is a smaller unit (40 pints) and does well in smaller basements. We would not recommend this basement dehumidifier if you have a large basement area that needs to be treated.

One thing that is good about the model is the weight. At only 25 pounds, it is the lightest dehumidifier that we have reviewed to date. This makes it truly a portable dehumidifier that you can place in any area that you need it to be.

Another item is that it is also one of the more quiet models that we have reviewed which is perfect for those people that finished basements. No need to turn the NewAir AD-400 Dehumidifier off when you are entertaining or watching TV.

Really the only downfall to this model is the 40 pint capacity. If your basement is smaller, then the NewAir AD-400 Dehumidifier could be the model for you.


  • Comes with an adjustable humidistat
  • You control the humidity level for whatever room you need it in
  • Very light and portable
  • Also includes easy-to-roll casters making maneuverability a snap
  • Includes programmable timer so that you can run it whenever you want
  • A very powerful dehumidification capacity
  • Cleans water for the air. Up to 40 pints per day!
  • Included is a built-in ionizer that helps improve the air quality
  • Dimensions are approximately 12&Primex21&Primex9&Prime
  • Weighs ONLY 25 pounds

Here are some excerpts of reviews from actual users of the NewAir AD-400 Dehumidifier. Click the link provided to read the entire review as well as many others.

C.L Says,

I purchased this dehumidifier for mainly for my downstairs and wanted one quiet enough for use in my bedroom upstairs if needed. And, boy is this thing quiet. Honestly, my refrigerator is louder. The last I purchased removed lots of water, but it can be heard throughout the house when it …….”Click Here to read the entire review.

T.L. Says,

“Bought in April ’10 – Nov ’10 doesn’t work. Can’t locate the Manufacturer. Overpriced junk. Runs nice and quiet but that is all it does. I have a fedders that is loud that is in another home that has been working 24-7……”

R.S. Says,

“We brought this to our house in Hawaii and were amazed that it was able to pull close to 40 pints of moisture from the air in 24 hours. The water bucket was easily removable and an indicator tells you when it’s time to empty the bucket…”

We give the NewAir AD-400 Dehumidifier a rating of 3 stars. The NewAir name alone is worth the rating as it is a very reliable company. While it is a solid machine, you could probably do better with a Frigidaire or even a Soleus.

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