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NewAir AD-400 40 Pint Portable Dehumidifier Review

This review, the Frigidaire FAD504TDD 50-Pint Dehumidifier Review, will take a look at the Frigidaire 70-pint’s little brother, the FAD504TDD 50 pint model.

You might be asking yourself why not just stick with the larger model? Well there is no need to upgrade if your basement isn’t that big. For most people, being able to dehumidify 50 pints a day is more than enough so there is no reason to spend the extra money.

As stated above, the Frigidaire FAD504TDD will suck up to 50 pints of water a day. It is easily transportable as it comes with casters to help move it from one room to another.

As with most modern dehumidifiers, the Frigidaire FAD504TDD will cleanout most airborne bacteria and other pathogens

As with most Frigidaire products, the Frigidaire FAD504TDD comes with a 1 year warranty so that should give you piece of mind when purchasing.


  • Will dehumidifies 50 pints per day
  • Great in a medium size area
  • Easily moveable, fully portable with casters
  • The anti-microbial filter cleans the air thoroughly
  • Will remove harmful bacteria and allergens
  • An easy to use humidity control that will allow you to control the exact humidity in your room
  • Water bucket conveniently located in the front of the unit for easy access and cleanup
  • Measures 17-3/4” x 25” x 15-1/6” inches
  • 1-year full warranty
  • Weighs approximately 43 pounds

Here are a few excerpts from users of the Frigidaire FAD504TDD. These are from individuals that have reviewed the product at Amazon. If you would like to read the entire review, please be sure to click the link provided.

J.D Says,

“The unit has done a nice job in lowering my basement humidity level from 70%+ to the low 60%’s within a few days. However, I gotta say I hate the water bucket. It’s made so cheaply (feels like a refrigerator vegetable bin). When full, you have to hold it with both hands from the bottom which makes it…”

H.C Says,

“It’s large – like the size of a large portable refrigerator but hey, it’s so nice. It’s actually not white, it’s creamy/ivory white but that’s the same color as my walls – I’m in an apartment and I love it. On low fan it’s VERY quiet and on medium fan is MODERATELY loud but not in an…….”

K.Y Says,

“During a cold November, in Montana, water and ice were building up on the windows in our new house. The dehumidifier removed two gallons of water in the first 36 hours. With the humidity….”

This is a great model that we highly recommend. As you can tell by reading thisFrigidaire FAD504TDD 50-Pint Dehumidifier Review that we really like it and give it a 4.5 star rating. It is highly recommended as well on other large sites like Amazon with a high majority of people loving their purchase.

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