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Nespresso Essenza C101 Review

A true coffee connoisseur knows the exquisite pleasures of a good espresso: the full-bodied flavors and rich aromas that definitely set the espresso apart from the common brewed and instant coffees in the market. However, espresso—despite its name being phonetically similar to “express”—is notoriously complicated to make. In fact, you might need to study being a professional barista to be able to prepare a good cup of espresso. Many of us will just go to our favorite coffee shops and order a cup of espresso goodness rather than try to make our own with our basic coffeemakers at home. When I was still relatively new to the wonderful world of coffee, I attempted to brew my own espresso with my regular coffeemaker. Needless to say, that attempt was an absolute failure. To prepare proper espresso, you will need to have not only the skills of a professional barista, but also specialized equipment.

Somebody pointed me to the direction of espresso makers designed for home use, and I was skeptical at first. Many of them are very expensive, and I simply cannot afford to pay three thousand dollars for an espresso maker. I was resigned to a fate of buying my espresso and espresso-based drinks in my favorite coffee shop, although I will definitely stay away from Starbucks—which honestly does not have real espresso. Well, this is before I heard of Nespresso espresso makers.

Nespresso is an internationally renowned brand of espresso machines known for their great-looking design and attractive prices. But one of the special (or disadvantageous?) features of Nespresso machines is that they only work with special coffee capsules also manufactured by the brand. I was not particularly keen about the idea of “consumables” with Nespresso machines—but Nespresso ahs effectively converted me. I bought the Nespresso Essenza C101 Espresso Maker, and here is the experience I had with it.

Price and Physical Looks

One of the first things that attracted me to the Nespresso Essenza C101 is the price. At roughly $200, I was promised an espresso machine that will perform as well as the thousand-dollar machines in the market. I will elaborate more on how well the machine performs later in this article.

The Nespresso Essenza C101 is also physically attractive—this stylish machine is designed to appeal to those with a taste for modern design. I especially like the triangular shape of the Nespresso Essenza C101; it looks hip and very different from the boxy and clunky espresso machines in the market. There are two colorways available with the Nespresso Essenza C101: black and titanium. The Nespresso Essenza C101 also looks great in my kitchen, and does not take up a lot of space on the counter. This was one of my first concerns, because I live in a rather small space and a large espresso machine such as those in the coffee shops will definitely overwhelm my kitchen. The Nespresso Essenza C101 is relatively compact at 8.1 x 10.2 x 13.5 inches. But do not let the small size of the Nespresso Essenza C101 fool you—it is more than capable in brewing the best and authentic espresso you possibly could at the comfort of your own home.

How Does the Nespresso Essenza C101 Work?

The Nespresso Essenza C101, like the other Nespresso machines in the market, is very simple to use. Nespresso has designed this very uncomplicated and unique extraction system that will guarantee you a delicious cup of espresso in just a couple of minutes. If you are not familiar with the process of preparing espresso, here is a quick look: a specific amount of almost boiling water will be forced with a high-pressure pump into finely ground coffee beans. This method will extract all the aromas and flavors of the coffee beans. With other espresso makers, you will have to make sure that the coffee beans are ground finely and supervise the process closely. But with the Nespresso Essenza C101, you just have to select the Nespresso coffee capsule of your choice, pop it in the Nespresso Essenza C101, and turn the machine on. In less than two minutes, you will have a cup of steaming espresso. If there is a process of preparing espresso less complicated than that, then I will willingly run over my Nespresso Essenza C101, which is now an indispensable appliance in my house.

According to my research, Nespresso machines—including my trusty Nespresso Essenza C101—have a 19-bar high-pressure pump that will extract the heck out of the coffee grounds in order to provide you with the smoothest and most flavorful espresso. Aside from the ease of use and remarkably powerful machinery, the Nespresso Essenza C101 is also equipped with automatic flow control, ThermoBloc heating technology, removable water tank, and an automatic ejection system for the used capules.

Do I recommend the Nespresso Essenza C101?

I love my Nespresso Essenza C101 and I will definitely recommend it to anyone who would ask my opinion about espresso makers. But one of the things that I really did not like about the Nespresso Essenza C101 is that it does not include its own Aeroccino Milk Frother. I had to buy a separate Aeroccino Milk Frother (although this supplementary appliance is not very expensive at less than a hundred dollars) because I liked my silken milk foam over my espresso to make cappuccino and lattes. I know that there are other Nespresso machines out there that come with its own Aeroccino milk frothing system, but if you are not particular about this deficiency, then the Nespresso Essenza C101 is just perfect for you.

You do not have to worry about the limitations of Nespresso coffee capsules—there are a growing variety of flavors out there. Plus, for roughly fifty cents per cup with the Nespresso Essenza C101, you are definitely saving a lot of money by weaning yourself off from cups of espresso that costs three to five dollars each.

Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Black
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Nespresso Essenza C91 Manual Espresso Maker, Black
  • Compact brewing unit technology,19 bar pressure pump,thermoblock heating element
  • Manual volume control, backlit coffee buttons, easy insertion of capusle, ejection of used capsule,
  • Capsule container for 14 used capsules, 0.9 liter removable water tank
  • Drip tray water capacity
  • Power 1260 watts

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