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Nespresso C180W Review

Inarguably, coffee is one of the most important beverages in the world. For one, it helps bleary-eyed people become more human in the morning, perks up one’s mind in the late afternoon, and makes for great after dinner drinks. If there is a hierarchy among all the kinds of coffee in the world, you can safely assume that espresso is on the upper levels of the list. Espresso is a thicker, more concentrated form of coffee, which is brewed by forcing a small amount of hot water (at specific temperatures, of course) under high pressure through very fine coffee grounds. The pressurized brewing process for espresso produces a very flavorful and full-bodied cup of coffee, which can also serve as the base for other popular coffee beverages such as the latte, cappuccino, Americano, mocha, and macchiato. Espresso can also be enjoyed on its own, but the experience will be heightened by a good preparation by a skilled barista.

Often, people who are craving for their cups of espresso will just head over to their local coffee shops. However, the recent slump that economies all over the world has many looking to cut off the overpriced espressos from their list of expenses. But weaning yourself off from good espresso and turning to cheap coffee is like going from high-quality vintages to vinegar. In this desperate situation, you should look into buying your own espresso machine and brewing your own espresso at home.

But, you might think, the espresso machines in the coffee shops will not fit in my home! Well, the espresso machines you see in coffee shops are more of the industrial variety, which means that they are specifically designed for commercial use. And yes, industrial espresso machines are meant to be big enough to qualify as heavy machinery. But not all espresso machines are created equal, and there are plenty of machines that will fit right into your home. If you are like us—design-savvy coffee enthusiasts, that is—then you might want to consider looking into the Nespresso C180W Le Cube Automatic Espresso Machine.

Basically, the Nespresso C180W Le Cube is an espresso machine specially designed for use in the home—a very stylish home, if we might add. Below are the reasons why you should consider getting the Nespresso C180W Le Cube Automatic Espresso Machine for your home.

Great Minimalist Design

In this day and age, aesthetically pleasing forms and practical function are the main concerns when it comes to product design. The combined value of form and function are important for people who will be shelling their hard-earned money for a certain product. With the Nespresso C180W Le Cube, you will get both form and function for the relatively low price of $300 (as listed in Amazon.com). As its name implies, the Nespresso C180W Le Cube is an espresso machine designed as a minimalist cube that will brew your favorite drink in the matter of mere minutes. The Nespresso C180W Le Cube’s construction can be considered architectural—and it will definitely stand out in just about any kind of kitchen, from homey settings to ultra-modern lofts. The Nespresso C180W Le Cube is not just a pretty piece of appliance—it is an amazing espresso machine as well. The cool, good looks of the Nespresso C180W Le Cube can only be rivaled by the fantastic espresso it produces, complete with the smoothest and creamiest crema on top.

The Nespresso System

The Nespresso C180W Le Cube is part of the popular Nespresso line of espresso makers—which means that it uses the same unique extraction system that has made Nespresso a breakthrough brand in the market. Like its siblings and cousins, the Nespresso C180W Le Cube uses the special Nespresso coffee-filled capsules. The Nespresso system is relatively simple—the Nespresso C180W Le Cube will perforate the hermetically sealed coffee capsule and process all the coffee grounds under the high-pressure 19-bar pump. This highly pressurized 19-bar pump will extract all the aromas and flavors of the coffee grounds, which will ensure that your espresso is full-bodied and brimming with exquisite flavors.

Many people are hesitant to buy into the Nespresso system because they think they will be limited into very few coffee bean varieties. But Nespresso is developing plenty of varieties and flavors that you can use with your Nespresso C180W Le Cube.

Convenient Espresso Preparation

A lot of thought and useful ideas went into the production of the Nespresso C180W Le Cube. Convenience is a primary concern—as with all the products in the Nespresso line of espresso makers—you do not need to be a professional barista to prepare a wonderful cup of espresso. You just have to select the Nespresso capsule that you prefer, pop it in the Nespresso C180W Le Cube, and wait for a few minutes—et voila! Your espresso is ready. There are also other features included in the Nespresso C180W Le Cube that contribute to convenience and ease of preparation, such as programmable extraction for small and long cops, an automatic flow stop, back-lighting for the power, espresso, and lungo buttons, vartical positioning for the drip grip for latte or macchiato preparation. There are also cup storage side trays for six espresso cups, removable water container (with 34 ounce total capacity), and automatic used-capsule ejection system that will hold 15 used capsules for later disposal. The Nespresso C180W Le Cube is also designed to alert you once the used-capsule storage is full.

The Verdict

For the $300 sticker price, the Nespresso C180W Le Cube is a great value compared to high-end espresso machines that do not deliver such impressive results. As mentioned above, form and function is happily married in the Nespresso C180W Le Cube—a good-looking machine that functions perfectly. However, you will need to buy a separate Aeroccino Milk Fother if you want to prepare creamy lattes and cappuccinos—the Nespresso C180W Le Cube does not come with this attachment. Overall, the Nespresso C180W Le Cube is an ideal espresso machine, but do not forget to stock up on your Nespresso capsules, as you cannot use the Nespresso C180W Le Cube with regular coffee beans.

Nespresso C180W Le Cube Automatic Espresso Machine, Arctic White
14 Reviews
Nespresso C180W Le Cube Automatic Espresso Machine, Arctic White
  • 1260-watt cube-shaped espresso machine housed in high-quality ABS
  • ThermoBlock heating system; 19-bar pump; removable 34-ounce water tank
  • Designed for coffee-filled capsules; 12 included; used capsule container
  • Auto and programmable coffee quantity; side storage trays for 6 espresso cups
  • Measures 9 by 8-8/9 by 9 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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