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Neato XV-21 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

poitCleaning up pet hair from your floor can be a pretty hard and, not to mention, annoying task.

Also, on the top portion of the unit there is a highly readable 2.5-inch screen (black & white) which enables you to browse over the different options offered by the cleaner. You can program it in order to clean just one specific area in your house, or you can also schedule it in order to automatically switch on and clean your entire household as frequent as you want. You can find the Neato XV-21 for sale in many stores both online and offline.

Prior to using the Neato XV-21, you need to first plug it into its charging station. The charging station makes use of inductive charging; hence you just need to press up the back portion of the unit onto the charging port in order for it to begin juicing up. It takes more or less three hours in order for the unit to get fully charged. In case the battery drops before it can even complete the job, it will go back by its own to the charging station, charge up, and then head back out to complete the job.

Once the Neato XV-21 is fully charged, all you need to do is to switch it on and just watch it as it cleans up for you. The XV-21 is equipped with RPS (Room Positioning System) technology, an innovative system created by Neato which combines mapping with laser vision. With the RPS technology, the XV-21 utilizes laser in order to view the surroundings and then creates precise maps of the areas that need cleaning, which includes doorways, objects and even furniture. There are many Neato XV-21 discounted in price available, if you know where to look!

Cleaning up the unit is also very simple. Simply take out the dirt bin, empty up its contents, put it back in to the unit and voila, it is once again ready to clean! This is perhaps one of the many reasons behind the high Neato XV-21 ratings.

If you need an additional hand when it comes to getting rid of all that darned pet hair, then the Neato XV-21 is always willing to help you out.

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