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MR6550 Rydis Hybrid Robot Vacuum

poiuThe MR6550 is a combination vacuum and dry mop cleaner, designed not just to clean and vacuum all flooring types, but also mops hard surfaces, including wood, laminate, vinyl and tile. The MR6550 Moneul robot vacuum cleaner is one of the latest releases in the growing marketplace of robotic cleaners.

Due to this, a consumer needs to know the ins and outs of the equipment before purchasing, in order to determine if it is worth the financial investment above the other available models.

Quick Overview

The MR6550 has a high powered motor, which allows it to travel over thicker, shag carpet. Other robot vacs with a slower motor are not able to travel over this kind of fabric, so if a house features this kind of material, some other cleaning bots are not going to function properly.

In addition to this, the Moneual vac also has a removable mop cleaning pad, so the user can clean and wash the mop pad after use. It is important to remember to use and clean this mop pad, otherwise it will begin spreading dirt around the flooring surfaces instead of mopping it up. The MT6550 also uses a 2800mah lithium iron phosphate battery, which is recharged when placed back into its provided dock.

It also has a single remote indicated included with the purchase to round out the general features of the equipment.


  • Ultra Motor: The ultra-motor built into the MR6550 not only allows it to move over carpet and hard flooring without problem, it also ensures a powerful suction, so it does not simply travel over the dirt and debris without picking it up.
  • Auto Clean Function: The auto clean function allows for several different variations in the cleaning process, so if a user has all hardwood flooring, the device can be programmed for this. However, if carpet is involved, the user can program it to clean both or to focus primarily on one or the other. The device can detect whether or not it is on carpet or flooring surface, so if the user has thicker carpet, it can change the cleaning setting to focus on carpets and stay primarily in the carpeted area of the house.
  • Filter: The multi-layered filter is able to trap both allergens and dust, all while cleaning the floor, in order to prevent this from being discharged back into the air. With this feature, it is easier for someone with breathing conditions to live a healthy life, without having to worry about the air quality as the device is able to handle this all on its own.
  • Automatic Clean: The MR6550 is able to detect the best cleaning path for the space and it is also able to integrated automatic charging during the cleaning process. Also, if it detects there is more dirt or debris in a given area, it is capable of spending more time on the region, making multiple paths over the area in order to make sure all of the debris has been removed off of the ground.
  • Remote Control: If there are areas of the flooring which the MR6550 has missed, it is possible to direct the equipment towards the given area in order to make sure it receives the necessary attention. All of this is able to ensure a user has the cleanest home possible, with the least amount of work.
  • Slim Design: The slim design, which is at 3.23 inches, allows the vacuum to make it under low objects, including tables, chairs and other furniture, in order to clean hard to reach areas of the house.
  • Mopping Feature: The mopping feature is suitable for general cleaning, but when a floor is extensively dirty, either from muddy shoes or simply the collection of debris on the flooring over time, the mop feature is not going to help out drastically. For the general cleaning it is fine, but when the floor is really dirty, it is still going to need another mopping option.

Another thing worth noting is that this machine actually “talks”, much like the LG Hombot 3.0. Its “voice prompts” will alert the user of what’s happening (i.e, when the battery is full, what cleaning mode it’s on) giving it a more futuristic “robotic” AI appeal.

Negative Aspects

When shopping around for robot vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to compare it to other products in the market, including the Roomba iRobot, which is the staple in the category. Although the Moneual have a stair sensor, a few people have observed it falling off the stairs unless it’s blocked off, but they might have gotten a defective unit.

The mopping option is a nice feature, however it does not cover the entire surface of the room, which means it is going to leave space in between the cleaning area, so even if there are general mopping requirements, it is not going to provide a very satisfying job. The device is also rather expensive, when compared to other models, so if a user just needs a vacuum cleaner for hard surface flooring, other options are available with less powerful motors that work just fine on hard surfaces when carpeting is not an issue.


The Moneual MR6550 is an excellent robot vacuum for what it does, although there are some significant issues with it, ranging from the mopping option to its ability to avoid falling off of stairs. However, it is able to move from carpet to hard flooring easily, without much trouble.

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