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Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Digital Video Baby MonitorThis Motorola Digital video baby monitor has ranked as one of the best baby monitors along their competitors. Its best features are the high technology that uses in its video and audio along with the security that brings to parents. It differentiates itself from the other baby monitors because it uses a random pattern to transmit the audio and video signals making it impossible to lose the signal.

It is definitely a complete security to use it as your baby monitor. The next best feature on this Motorola Digital video baby monitor is indeed the screen where the video is played. The size of the screen is 3.5’’ LCD which makes it very easy to monitor everything that is happening around your baby without missing any detail. The audio is also great as it counts with 5 built in lullabies to help your baby sleep even when you can’t be there for him. The Motorola Digital video baby monitor also includes other secondary features like a temperature monitor and an out of range alert. So, to resume its features we shall put them all together.

Motorola Digital video baby monitor’s features:

  • 2.4 GHZ FHSS technology
  • Works up to a distance of 650 feet
  • Great camera functions: panning, tilting and zooming
  • Audio: 5 built-in lullabies
  • Pattern of communication between the two stations

What parents like the most about this Motorola Digital video baby monitor is the fact that it is so reliable; the assurance that they will be able to watch their baby while they are not close to him makes them more than happy to buy it. This security comes from the great signal provided by the device, making it almost impossible to lose track of the signal, something that most baby monitors fail to do. In one word: this device never fails to deliver and signal-interference issues can hardly take place when using it.

The next most commented feature of the Motorola Digital video baby monitor is the quality of the audio feature: the pictures are always clear to see exactly what is happening in the baby’s room. The night-vision mode is perfect for when the baby is asleep and you still want to control him, as it allows you to see sharply as if it was in the middle of the day. On the other hand, the audio was impeccable; they could even notice the slightest changes in the breathing of the baby.

On the least liked features of this Motorola Digital video baby monitor, some of the parents that use it complained about the audio being a little bit off when using it to talk through the speaker and the lack of a volume wheel to control the tone of both signals, which could potentially wake up their kid when they were just checking on him.

Besides those two little inconveniences, this Motorola Digital video baby monitor is ranked as one of the best, cheapest and most recommended baby monitors in the market.

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