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Mobicam Baby Monitor Customer Review

Mobicam Baby Monitor Customer ReviewTo start with the Mobicam baby monitor customer reviews, we have to say that this baby monitor device it is great to control your baby even if you are not home sitting in the room next to your baby because its great level of transmission and quality in video and audio won’t make you worried even if you are out of the house.

Only to list very quickly a few of the great features that the Mobicam baby monitor includes: live steaming directly to another device that the parents are using (computer, smartphone or notepad), video recorder, private signal and a range of 450 feet from the device. Now to walk through the benefits of all of them, let’s start by saying that the possibility of live streaming audio and video directly from your baby’s room even if you are in another city or at work through the internet is one of the best advances in technology so far.

Not only you can see what your baby is doing but you can also feel like you are home with him without missing any minute of his childhood. With the video recorder and an SD card you have the chance to record the footage of the camera already installed on the baby monitor and later share the video with your friends and family on social platforms like Facebook or YouTube. This is one of the key points for the Mobicam baby monitor customer reviews: parents that like sharing their baby’s videos and pictures are very happy with the option to directly import the footage to the internet without any cables.

Other little improvements that make this baby monitor so good is the great quality of its monitor, which can use up to 4 different cameras and angles, the night-vision system and the images are portrayed in a 3.5’’ LCD screen for maximum comfort. You can either choose to use one camera at a time depending on the angle or you can use the 4 cameras at the same time in one screen.

Parents also have the option to communicate with their baby with the two-way audio communication system, which provides a microphone and a speaker on both ends.What is also very remarkable on the Mobicam baby monitor customer reviews is that it almost always gets the highest score, surely thanks to the high quality of the technology used to stream both audio and video and because it is really easy to use even for the first time.

It is a very practical device, portable and highly secure on the transmission signal. Although some parents came up with some concerns about this baby monitor, the ranking is mostly 4 out of 5 stars. The complaints are mostly focused on the audio of the device, which is not too high and difficult to regulate without a wheel for the volume. It would be definitely easier to use if you could turn the volume up or down depending on where the parents are located.

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