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Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner 4200

asDo you like sweeping and mopping your floor every day? If not, you may be ready for this handy little robotic floor sweeper. It cannot do everything that Rosie the Robot can do, but it is a good start!

The main advantages of the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner include a variety of different functions, a fairly long battery life, and the fact that it avoids obstacles and drop-offs. It is also small to make storage easier. It even runs quietly so you do not have to endure some loud motor while your floor is being cleaned.

Mint 4200 Pros

Because the Mint 4200 has both dry and wet pads, it can actually take turns sweeping and mopping your floor. As you know, it does not do much good to mop a floor that still needs to be swept. All you do is turn your dirt into mud. Alternatively, just sweeping your floor will not pick up the dirt that needs to be removed with water and cleaning solutions. This machine handles both of these tasks, but not both at the same time.

Because you can run it as a floor sweeper first, and then run it as a mop, it is a much better solution than some products that only do one thing. Simple wet and dry pads can be changed out so this one machine is both a sweeper and a mop. It is pretty easy to switch out pads and change the function of this cleaner.

I also like the fact that the charge lasts for about three hours, although it depends on which setting you’re using. Many models seem to fizzle out after less than an hour which is not nearly enough time to really do a good job in a larger house. In my opinion, a good battery charge life is one of the primary reasons that I would purchase a machine.

The Mint 4200 has a built-in GPS system. This means that it will clean next to your furniture, rugs, and walls. But it will not keep bumping into them. Better yet, if you have stairs or another drop-off, the machine senses these automatically and will not take a plunge. I always like a floor cleaner with a sense of self-preservation!

Mint 4200 Cons

As a note, some people I spoke with felt that the unit moved slowly so it did not really do a lot of cleaning in the allotted time. It is impossible for me to know the condition of their floors though. The unit works with a GPS system that helps direct it around furniture, rugs, and the edges of floors.

I would imagine that the harder that this GPS system has to work, the more time and energy it takes. That makes sense, because that is the case with cell phones. If the GPS is on, it drains more power. It may be that the company is advertising the long battery life and cleaning effectiveness under the most ideal conditions.

If your floor is very dirty because of dogs, kids, or just general use, you may not get it spotlessly clean by using this device either. In this case, you may want to prepare the floor by going over it lightly in advance. Alternatively, you might let the machine work first, but then figure you will have to work behind it later. Either way, it will save you time and effort even if it is not as efficient as you are at picking up each spill and speck of dust!


You can find this automatic floor washer for sale at many retail outlets, including online stores. If you can get a good price, it is really a fairly inexpensive considering the features that it has. You might compare price and functions with other brands and models of automatic floor cleaners.

Even people who did mention some problems usually said it was a good product for the amount of money they spent. If you want an affordable, versatile and automatic solution to floor cleaning, you should consider the Mint Automatic Floor Cleaner.If your budget allows, I suggest you get the upgraded Mint Plus 5200, although it costs at least $100 more.

It has better battery life, charges faster (with the option to charge even much faster if you buy the Turbo Charge Cradle separately), has room memory so it can resume cleaning where it has left off (useful when you pause it to change the cleaning pads), comes with a “Quick-Clean” mode, and best of all, it has a liquid reservoir to keep the mopping pad wet throughout the cycle.

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