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Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw

61zbU36i2OS._SX355_Milwaukee is among the world’s top manufacturers and suppliers of portable electric power tools and accessories. Since its inception in 1924, the company has earned great admiration, particularly among professional users worldwide. Today, the company offers a wide variety of the highest quality and most reliable professional equipment money can buy .Circular saws are among its most featured product types.

The company boasts of one remarkable model, the Milwaukee 6390-21. Designed for both professional and home improvement projects, the Milwaukee 6390-21 is certainly the ideal tool for those heavy duty cutting tasks. Milwaukee 6390-21 comes in a sleek and lightweight construction. Its shorter length is quite beneficial, particularly when trying to maneuver in tight spaces. Thanks to its light construction, the user is saved from the frequent arm fatigue. One great feature that really makes the Milwaukee 6390-21 stand out is the powerful motor. It packs enough power to generate an exceptional speed of 5,800 RPM. This is actually one of the top speeds in its class of tools. From crown molding to larger materials, this circular saw is certain to provide you with incredible accuracy as well as ease of use.

It incorporates a perfectly designed handle that fits well in the hand of the user. The handle provides excellent grip to prevent any accidental slippage during operation. It is also adjustable to facilitate comfortable handling of the unit. The Milwaukee 6390-21 from Milwaukee offers you with a remarkable 50 degrees bevel capacity. This facilitates excellent visibility as well as a clear line of sight. The durable aluminum shoe offers great resistance to wear. To provide for convenient storage and transportation, this circular saw comes with an impact resilient carrying case. A wrench comes in handy to simplify the repairs and replacement processes. To take care of any malfunctions during normal use, the Milwaukee 6390-21 comes with a 5 years warranty. Therefore you will always be assured that your money is in safe hands. This is a circular saw that definitely deserves a star rating of 4.8 on a 5 star rating scale.

1. Lightweight and compact design

The Milwaukee 6390-21 incorporates a remarkably lightweight construction. It weighs at only 10.4 lbs. This generally means that it requires less effort in terms of handling, making it a perfect choice for just about anyone. It allows for constant operation, which serves to maximize the overall productivity at the work place. It comes in a small size measuring 13-3/4 inches in length. This facilitates easy maneuvering besides economizing on storage space. The outstanding portable construction allows it to be easily transported and utilized everywhere. It is quite easy to move, load and unload. Moreover, it also works perfectly as a static piece of equipment, both in a workshop or on the job site. The compact size enables easy cleaning and maintenance, making it an ideal long term investment.

2. Sturdy and durable construction

This is among the most liked features of the 6390-21 Milwaukee 7-1/4-inch. Everything about it looks and feels strong. It incorporates a remarkable brake shoe, crafted from high quality aircraft aluminum. It offers great resistance, especially to rusting and occasional wear. Its surface is protected to help minimize friction so as to get enhanced cut quality. It incorporates a stable set up that offers improved longevity compared to those models fabricated from inferior materials. Therefore you are able to carry out continued operation without worrying about the costly repair and replacements. This is one device that has the capacity to last you many years of use.3. Comfortable handlingThe Milwaukee 6390-21 features an 8-position tilt-lok handle. This offers you with the luxury of adjusting it to your desired level of comfort. It enables you to quickly get ready for a wide variety of tasks by giving tool-free adjustability of the particular guarding components. The unit also provides for easy replacement of the cutting blade. This is made possible by a 5/8-inch spindle.

4. Powerful motor

This circular saw incorporates a very powerful 15 Amps motor. With 3.25 Horse Power, it has the ability to generate a 5,800 RPM speed. This makes it suitable for heavy duty tasks.


  • 15 Amp motor provides rapid rips through hard woods with ease
  • Tool-free adjustments allows for comfortable operations
  • Features minimum vibrations, therefore reducing on its noise level
  • Easy to maneuver and transport from one job site to another
  • Great speed and cutting capacity renders it ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Offers exceptional resistance on the occasional wear
  • It is quite easy to use and set up

This circular saw provides you with professional quality cutsCustomer Reviews and ScoresMilwaukee 6390-21 receives excellent customer ratings and reviews and on various online stores. One of the sites that constitute a high number of customer reviews is Amazon. The site has a total of 131 customer reviews.

From the reviews, it features an average score of 4.6 stars out of the possible 5 stars. This is pretty inspiring particularly when rated against other competing models. The lightweight design and exceptional power is what makes it popular among many users.


As with most of Milwaukee saws, some customers have complained that the Milwaukee 6390-21 is pretty expensive. Nevertheless, its long-term cost savings certainly appeals to them, rendering it a valuable long term venture. That being, customers, in many cases, gave this circular saw good to excellent reviews. Most customers pointed out that the saw operated flawlessly and the alignment was accurate and perfect.


Milwaukee 6390-21 is an excellent choice for those looking for a powerful and highly precise saw. This versatile and accurate saw is highly commented by both professional craftsmen and homeowners. They find it to be a sturdy, durable, and reliable tool. It does not only offer professional quality cuts, but it is also remarkably simple to use and to set up. It is one saw that has the capacity to handle any given task, be it carpentry, moulding, framing or trimming. Its built-in stops facilitates accurate angles, particularly on crown moulding. Milwaukee 6390-21 will certainly render your most difficult of tasks quick and perfect.

Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw
150 Reviews
Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw
  • The product is easy to use
  • The product is durable
  • The product is manufactured in China
  • 15-amp, 5,800 rpm, and 3-1/4-horsepower motor with spindle lock and quick-lock cord
  • Locking, tilting main handle adjusts for comfort

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