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Maxi-Matic EKT-6863 Elite Gourmet Cordless Water Kettle Review

Maxi-Matic EKT-6863 Elite Gourmet Cordless Water Kettle ReviewA kettle is a very important kitchen accessory which is necessary in all households no matter what sort of people live in that house. All houses have kettles as this is the most basic way to get hot water. Hot water is used for several things, ranging from preparing instant noodles and oatmeal, sterilizing baby bottles and most importantly, for preparing coffee or tea. It is very rare to find a house which does not consume coffee or tea. It is a well-known fact that tea is the most popular drink all around the world. Needles to say, a kettle is very important to all households all over the world; therefore, finding the right kind of kettle may come as a bit of a challenge to some.

Those who are looking to buy electric kettles but are overwhelmed by all the different brands and models out there need not look any further than the Maxi-Matic EKT-6863. There are some qualifications and features that people look for in an electric kettle. It should be able to heat up a good amount of water in a short period of time, it should not consume much electricity and be safe to handle, and should be able to blend in the kitchen stylishly. The Maxi-Matic EKT-6863 matches all this criteria as it is able to boil up to 3 litres of water quite quickly and is perfect for making instant soups, hot cocoa, and most importantly, coffee and tea.

The Maxi-Matic EKT-6863 can be lifted off its 360 degree base for convenient and efficient filling at the sink or can also be used for serving without being hassled by the power cord. As an added innovation, it can be returned to its base from any direction, making things simpler for both left-handed and right-handed people.

The Maxi-Matic EKT-6863 is also quite safe as it features a concealed heating system and boil-dry protection as well as an automatic shut off once the water is at a boiling point. To make things easier, it also has a convenient water level window with measurement markings along with a large easy-to-grip handle and a drip-free pour spout. The kettle also has a removable lid and cord storage in order to keep the whole kitchen looking neat and tidy. The whole thing is very easy to store away and is very easy to clean. The Maxi-Matic EKT-6863 is a great choice for anybody looking for an electric kettle.

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