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Makita 5094DWD 14.4-volt NiMH 3-3/8-inch Cordless Circular Saw

kiThe Makita 5094DWD 14.4-volt NiMH 3-3/8-inch Cordless Circular Saw is a powerful yet small and compact saw.  It runs on a 14.4 volt NI-MH battery that ensures a long running time.

The Makita weighs just around 4½ pounds (That is including the 14.4 volt NiMH battery) and therefore it is extremely easy on the body. Even though it is a quite compact and small model it still has a bevel of 45´ which is pretty extraordinary. It has a 3-3/8 inch carbide tipped blade and comes with a 1 year warranty.

It gives you extremely easy adjustments and the shaft lock allows for quick and efficient blade changes. The blade housing has a easily readable gauge that is quite handy when you want to adjust the cutting depth.

Makita 5094DWD 14.4-volt Cordless Circular Saw features and specifications

  • 14.4 volt NI-MH battery that gives you plenty of battery life
  • Really compact design that feels great in your hands and eliminates hand/wrist fatigue
  • Easily adjustable cutting depth
  • Weighs just 4.6 pounds including the 14.4 volt battery
  • Includes battery, universal charger, rip fence, sturdy case and 3-3/8 inch blade(Carbide tipped)
  • Includes a 1 year full warranty

Makita 5094DWD 14.4-volt Cordless Circular Saw reviews

Our research on this product helped us find out why the Makita 5094DWD is as popular as it is and what exactly people really like about this circular saw. This model is essentially kind of a scaled down version of a regular cordless circular saw. This is also why it uses thumb screw fasteners instead of a hex key wrench, a feature that people really seemed to enjoy.

People commented on how tight the cut of this model was and that it basically just has a pencil sized cut. A lot of the reviewers feel that this 14.4 volt model is a great medium between the 9,6 volt models and the 18 volt models, giving you both great balance, lightness and a tight cut combined with sufficient power for most tasks.

Furthermore reviewers enjoyed the versatility of this product in that it could also be used for trimming and laminating floors. Furthermore people found the Makita 5094DWD a great addition to anyone’s toolbox, especially when it came to jobs where you are either in a tough environment (roofs, tight surrounds, while on a ladder etc) or just want something that is very light and still gets the simpler jobs done.

The reason why it has such great flexibility is obviously because of the low weight that allows it to be easily handled in one hand and make tight cuts in places where high powered and bulky circular saws could never go.

Last but not least almost all the people who took the time to review this product really liked the fact that it has such low noise levels. People commented that this was by far the quietest cordless circular saw they had ever worked with.Buy from Amazon

To sum up the Makita 5094DWD 14.4-volt NiMH 3-3/8-inch Cordless Circular Saw is a great choice for anyone who wants a smaller model that feels great in your hand, still has good power and can cut where other saws have problems.

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