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Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw Review

Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw ReviewThere are many saws available in the market that claims they are the best product to buy. It is always up to you how you keenly inspect their features and general qualities. But when it comes to high quality and lighter components, Makita 5007MG 7-14-Inch Magnesium Circular Saw is a good option. It will give you the assurance that it will last for so many years no matter how often you use it. Find out more about Makita saw and see for yourself.

Product Description

Makita 7 -14-Inch Magnesium Circular Saw has a powerful 15 amp Makita-built industrial motor and magnesium components that is highly durable. It is considered as the most refined saw because of its balancing quality in power, durability, ease of use and weight. Makita 5007MG is a lightweight saw. Its 15 amp motor enables to cut even the densest lumber. It is very ideal for carpenters, roofers, framers for cutting a dimensional and wet lumber, plunge cutting and ripping panels. It is generally made of special features for great cutting capacities. This saw comes with plastic case, rip fence, blade wrench and carbide tipped blade.

Product Features

  • With large, rubberized levers for easy one-handed adjustments
  • Clear ruler markings on its depth and base guide user for accurate cuts and measure; easy-to-read numbers
  • With 1 year warranty
  • Its reinforced power cord holds the jobsite abuse
  • Has positive stops connected to easy-to-grip levers; quicker change from 0 to 45 degrees
  • Highly recommended; the blade guard is enhanced and it no longer binds up on a 2x material.


  • Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw is very light compared to other saw; it is balanced as you used it.
  • It has better ergonomic grip, rubber coated adjustment levers so it can be grabbed easily and with a more solid cast magnesium base.
  • Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw cuts smoothly and the cord is installed properly to the tool body for it to stay.
  • It is most comfortable and provides fine cutting; silky and smooth start up


For some of its users, Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw has different shape of base and it is hard to use for the home made rip fences. Its blade may be easily discarded depending on how you used it.

Customer Reviews and Score

The Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars in 45 people. Twenty nine of them gave Makita 5007MG 5 stars, 9 gave 4 stars, 4 persons gave 3 stars, 2 of them rated 2 stars, and 1 person for 1 star.


Using the Makita 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw is very easy because of it lightweight feature. If you are looking for the feature of the saw like this, then this product is the one best for you. The overall components of Makita Magnesium Circular Saw show that it is a great asset to you work and you have to exert less energy while you are using it. That is why this saw is highly recommended and you will never regret using it.

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