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LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum

LG-HOM-BOT-SquareVacuuming is not one of the greatest pleasures of humankind, that’s for sure. What if you could have your own personal robot to not only do it for you, but do it better than you would have done it yourself? Meet LG HomBot 3.0, a small, yet powerful and ingenious automated vacuum cleaner that will rock your world and help you maintain a clean house with less effort.

The LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum is different from other models as it is square shaped and has some long side brushes, thus being able to effectively clean the corners and wall edges.

LG HomBot 3.0 Pros

This little machine has a mind of its own. Its revolutionary dual-eye movement considerably improves the cleaning efficiency. The two eyes are in fact two cameras mounted on the top and of the bottom of the body, cameras which help it map the room area and calculate the optimal cleaning paths. This process is continuous, allowing the robot not to miss a spot while doing its job.

Even better, the HomBot 3.0 has a photographic memory which allows it to recognize areas it has cleaned on previous occasions, with all their particularities and obstacles. This makes it faster and more efficient each and every time it has to repeat a job. Moreover, the robot knows when to resume and where to return. If you interrupt and move it to a new area, it activates its auto-resume function, which enables it to return to its previous location and resume the cleaning from the very point where it stopped.This robot vac is a very quiet device.

Unlike most models which are noisy and loud, this one has a special insulation which absorbs vibrations and reduce noise, so you could even have a normal conversation with your friends or you could watch your favorite TV shows while this machine does its job. If you live in a block of flats, that would allow you to vacuum your house even late at night, without bothering your neighbors with your noise.The robot is only 3 inches tall. This allows it to go even under low furniture. Thanks to the powerful main brush and to the long side brushes, no corner can escape the sharp eyes of the LG HomBot.

This LG vac has another cool, human-like feature: it talks. With 120 words in its memory, it will let you know when the task is complete, when the dust bin needs to be emptied or when you should let it rest because the battery is being recharged.

Speaking of the dust bin, it is very easy to remove and empty. The HEPA filter which helps filtering common household allergens is also easy to remove and wash. Being compact, this vacuum cleaner doesn’t accumulate dirt in narrow spaces, so it is relatively easy to maintain.

When the battery is fully charged, this machine can function for about 2 hours. If during the cleaning process it needs charging again, it will return by itself to the charging spot, then, after recharging is complete, it will go back to where it stopped and resume vacuuming.LG HomBot 3.0 offers 7 cleaning modes, so you can adjust its power and other parameters to suit the specific conditions of each job.

Hardwood floor and tiles require a different mode than carpets or rugged surfaces. Thick carpets may be problematic, but if you use it in Turbo mode, things go a bit better. Its cleaning power is impressive, but if you have lots of obstacles in your room, you may want to consider re-arranging your furniture in a way that would enable the bot to effectively calculate its paths in order to cover the entire room surface.


Despite its methodical cleaning pattern, one thing many owners complain is that it keeps getting stuck, especially if your floors have a lot of clutter. To remedy this, make sure your floors are clear of clutter, wires are tucked away or hidden, and curtain ends don’t hang near the floor.

The charger base has to have ample space; it’s recommended to have 4.5 ft on each sides and 6 ft in front. This may be a problem for people living in a small apartment.

Having no bumper and relying on front laser sensors, this machine usually miss the edges along the walls. This mechanism was designed so your walls won’t get damaged, although one user mentioned that it scraped the walls when the laser didn’t detect the sharp corners. If you have a lot of sharp corners in your house, it’s probably best to get another model.


To sum up, LG HomBot 3.0 Square is ideal for minimalist homes, with mostly hard floors and without lots of obstacles such as legs of tables and dining chairs. It’s also best if you can keep your floors free of electrical cords. This vacuum cleaner is a very powerful tool, provided that you ensure the most appropriate working conditions for it.

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