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Levana Baby Monitor Review

Levana Baby Monitor ReviewThis Levana Safe N’ See Digital Video Baby Monitor with Talk-to-Baby Intercom and Lullaby control is one of the most complete baby monitors in the market. While the name almost lists all its features, we will walk you through them so you can see why this is one of the greatest baby monitors under $200.Although there are surely cheaper baby monitors in the market, this one offers a more innovative take on technology so the higher price is completely understandable.

The Levana Baby monitor uses a 2.4’’ LCD screen on the parental device, which gives very clear images of the baby when he is in his own room. On the baby’s unit there is only a speaker to retrieve audio but not video signal. The screen also includes the function of night-vision, and it claims to allow you to see as clear as in the daylight up to a distance of 10 feet from the device. The maximum distance recommended to use the Levana baby monitor is around 400 feet.

One of the innovations of the camera is that its sensor can detect when there is need to use the night vision without the parents having to worry about switching it on. The device also uses LED lights on the parental unit to alert from a high level of noise in the baby’s room.Many people bought this product from Amazon. Click here to see their feedback!

It also has a temperature monitor so you can check if the temperature has dropped in your baby’s room making it uncomfortable for him; that is clearly one of the safest tools for your baby.  As many of the high end baby monitors, it also includes the talk-to-baby system which allows the parents to talk to their baby from their unit. You can also choose to use the built-in lullabies or sounds to entertain your baby.

The audio features of this Levana baby monitor are as good as the videos, making it a very competitive device in the market. The audio signal is really clear even if there is sound around the device and comes in with 5 built-in lullabies and default sounds to help your baby sleep.

The Levana Baby monitor review couldn’t be completed without the opinion of the parents that have already used this device. While most of them rave about how good the product is and ranked it 4 out of 5 stars on their reviews, some of them had some complaints about the video losing signal when using other electric devices (not recommended) and others complained about a delay on the audio transmission sometimes, but not always.

With these two negative reviews we still can conclude the Levana Baby monitor review with a summary of the best characteristics of the device: great size of monitor, great quality of video and audio transmission, built-in lullabies to help the baby sleep, night-vision powered, easy to use, portable, long lasting batteries and lightweight. All these great features make it a really competitor in the tight market of baby monitors.

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