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LED Flashlight Types and Sizes for Different Uses

okihAround 20 years ago, flashlight only appeared in state of the art companies or institutions such as the bank, crime scene lab and military base. This flashlight was often considered something that civilians did not carry, unless they were outdoor adventurers.

Now, many people from housewives to business people use this toolfor various domestic uses. The need of good, bright flashlight does not stop on illuminating tool.Different Using, Different Shapes LED flashlights now come in various types and models; some are huge and massive, while others are small and not much bigger than your average pen.

Some have decent features, while others have detailed specs useful for people with mainly outdoor activities. Here are various types and models that you can find at the market:

This is the development of practical pen flashlights, which the office workers and students often carry in their pencil cases or pockets. This tool has small diameter, but the LED technology makes it an incredibly bright beam.

Small, pocket flashlights usually have between 75 and 100 lumens, which are small but quite bright for practical usage. This is also very useful if you experience blackout in your office.

Self defense LED flashlight

This one is often used by law enforcement officers and soldiers. The flashlight is often small, but it has sturdy case and serrated bezel with hard material. The bezel is made so it can create hard impact when the handler hit an assailant.

This one has several sizes. It is typically popular among hunters, outdoor adventurers, truckers and others who must often work in occasionally harsh environments. The flashlight usually has sturdy case, waterproof and moisture proof quality, and has strobe and SOS beams.

This one usually comes in medium size and does not have many specs, to make sure that the price is economical for household budget. However, a house owner will still get more benefits in having an LED flashlight than traditional bulb flashlight because it provides brighter beam and more energy efficiency.

This one is a very specific type of flashlight in that it has a UV beam option. The beam can be used to track unseen materials such as stain, bodily fluid, watermarks that signify genuine money or documents, and many more. It is expensive and usually only used by people with certain professions.

Have you decided which LED flashlight you will buy? By determining your main need, you can pick the best product.

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